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Linguist of the Year Award

Launch of a new UCD competition award for MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), for Primary and Post-Primary students. This award will aim to recognise the linguistic endeavours of Primary and Post-Primary students

Posted 1 February, 2024

Linguist of the Year Award

The students being awarded will have to demonstrate first and foremost a love of languages and culture. They will submit projects around a yearly theme which will help to promote the value of learning a Modern Foreign Language. 

This award is partly funded with the help of Languages Connect ( (opens in a new window)https://languagesconnect.ie/about/).

This year's theme centers around culture and identity.
We invite students to reflect on these questions: what is my culture? How do I learn about other people's culture?
The entries could be, for example on:
Country Exploration: Pupils will discover fun facts about the country, such as its location on the map, its flag, and interesting landmarks.
Culture Comparison: Pupils will focus on customs, traditions, and daily life. They'll identify both similarities and differences to foster cultural understanding.
Delicious Dishes: Pupils will explore the country's cuisine and select a traditional dish to showcase. They can create a simplified recipe card with images and easy-to-follow steps.
Sports and Games: Pupils will learn about sports and games enjoyed in the target language-speaking country.
Musical Journey: Pupils will discover the music of the chosen country, including famous songs or instruments. They can listen to music samples and even create a mini musical performance.
This list is not exhaustive! 

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