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Killian Dunleavy: Engineering
killian global guide imageWhen I was looking for a student job, the first place I looked was on campus. I was fortunate with getting a job in the Global Lounge. It really is a great place to work, with an ever changing environment, working with people from all over the world, and an amazing staff team. I have really enjoyed interacting with students from around the world, learning about their cultures, and sharing the Irish culture with them.
Annie O'Dowd: Psychology
global guide annie imageWorking in the Global Lounge has given me the opportunity to be involved in the vibrant international community that UCD offers. Having studied abroad in The Netherlands last year, I wanted to continue my international experience and be involved in welcoming new students both to UCD and to Ireland. I want to help answer any questions that may arise and act as a support in helping international students integrate into our college community. The highlight of my experience as ‘Global Guide’ so far was the opportunity to meet the incoming students this year and engage in the variety of activities hosted in the Global Lounge.
Sarah-Kate Daly: International Commerce and Chinese
sarah kate imageBecoming a Global Guide has been a great experience. Becoming more involved in university life has really enriched my college experience. Working in the Global Lounge, I got to understand exciting cultures as it is a special place that is welcoming to everyone. The Global Lounge is the perfect place to hang out in and if you are a Global Guide you get the added bonus of being paid to be there!

Orla O'Higgins: Sports and Exercise Management

global guide orla imageOver the last year and a half, I have spent 8 months living on different continents. My first time traveling alone was on a J1 to South Carolina.  I also studied as an exchange student in New Zealand. I really enjoyed my time abroad, embracing new cultures and making global friends.

Working in UCD Global gives me the opportunity to continue making new global friends and to help international students with both local advice and with advise from my experiences abroad. UCD Global Lounge is a great place to meet new people and to give back to the UCD community. If you run into me on campus, I’m always down for a chat, or a cuppa tea! 

Maeve Carey: Business and German
global guide imageI spent my third year of college on Erasmus in Germany, where I made lasting friendships with both German and international students from all over the world. Having spent a year in such an intercultural setting and knowing the difficulties involved in settling-in at a foreign university, I was eager to meet the international students at UCD when returned for my final year. Working as a Global Guide has been the perfect way for me to share my knowledge of the college and the city, while learning more about other cultures too. The highlight of the job so far has definitely been joining in the celebrations for different cultures’ unique festivals and holidays, with everything from Diwali to Thanksgiving!
Maseoghena Idogho: Arts - Economics and Social Computing

global guide imageHaving spent a year abroad in Ningbo, China and coming back with a greater appreciation for the diversity and varied experiences that come along with being a member of an international community, I knew I wanted to get more involved with events and opportunities focused on international students at UCD.

As a Global Guide, I have the opportunity to assist students with their study abroad experience in UCD in various ways from as little as answering a question on directions to trips around Ireland. Having the opportunity to be involved in so many diverse and culturally rich events at the Global Lounge, as well as meeting students from all over the world, has definitely been the highlight of my Global Guide experience so far.

David Poland: Social Science

globalguide-david-2017After my own rich & rewarding Erasmus experience I wanted to keep up the international atmosphere when back home in UCD. I also wanted to ensure that exchange students coming to our university were able to make the most of what UCD, Dublin and Ireland has to offer, as the Dutch had done for my exchange in Amsterdam.

Working in the Global Lounge has allowed me to learn so much about various cultures, nationalities and just people in general. Each day brings a new event to enjoy, from Chinese New Year to Diwali. There is always something going on in the Global Lounge so pop down for a visit and say hello!

Roxane Frim: Spanish and Music

globalguide-roxane-2017Working in the  UCD Global Lounge is the perfect place to meet students from many different cultures and backgrounds. It gives me the opportunity to help international students settle into the UCD community, meanwhile learning about their own culture and language. After living in Spain for a year, I realized how much can be learned from other cultures, so when I returned and saw the position open for ‘Global Guide’, I knew that I had to apply. I now have the opportunity to celebrate the unique festivals and holidays alongside international students that enrich the UCD community, as well as making new friends from every corner of the world.