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MA Archaeology

When we toured the archaeology department at UCD, we were shown the experimental facilities that were both indoor and outdoor. In the lab, they were testing isotopes and outside they were putting archaeological theory into practice by recreating a dwelling from Irish history the way people would have in the past. This was amazing to me! After four years of academic theory with archaeology, here were people testing those theories. Archaeology wasn't this thing I dreamed about; it became a physical object that could be touched, talked about, and understood.

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Science student Jessica posts about her trips to the UCD 3D Printing Expo and the Dublin Science Gallery in this episode of her #JessTakesonEurope vlog. 

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Marcella Salem, USA

Engineering and Architecture

I’ve gotten to meet and befriend people from all over the world which would be far less likely to happen in the US. I’ve also become much more independent since I’ve had to set up a life in a foreign country without my parents here to help. My time in Ireland has been the best of my life.

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