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Non-EU Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Non-EU Undergraduate Entry Requirements - Irish Leaving Certificate

The table below shows a guideline of entry requirements for individuals applying to UCD as a Non-EU undergraduate and presenting with Irish Leaving Certificate exam (Click the link for PDF - Irish Leaving Certificate Requirements Table).

*NB The equivalences below are indicative only. In addition, please note that the equivalences shown are the minimum required to be eligible for consideration on a competitive basis. Entry requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.

 Non-EU UG Entry Requirements - Irish Leaving Cert

Irish Leaving Certificate

Non-EU applicants who will be presenting with the Irish Leaving Certificate should apply online at (applications received via CAO will not be considered).

Matriculation (minimum entry requirements):

Candidates must present at least six subjects selected according to programme requirements and must obtain a minimum of Grade C3 in two subjects on Higher papers and a minimum of Grade D3 in the remaining four subjects on Ordinary or Higher papers. One HE grade will be accepted where the candidate has among his/her other subjects at least three HC3 grades, or at least one HC3 and one HB3 grade,

All subjects of the Leaving Certificate – Higher and Ordinary level – are recognised for matriculation purposes, except as outlined below:

Subjects and combinations of subjects not permitted:

1 The subject ‘Physics and Chemistry’ may not be presented with either ‘Physics’ or ‘Chemistry.

2 ‘Agricultural Economics’ may not be presented with ‘Economics’.

3 ‘Classical Studies’ may not be presented with ‘Latin’ or ‘Greek’.

4 The subject ‘Mathematics Ordinary Alternative/Foundation Level’ will be accepted for matriculation registration purposes. However, points will not be awarded for this subject and it cannot be used as a substitute for the subject ‘Mathematics’ in programmes for which ‘Mathematics’ is an entry requirement.

5 The subjects ‘Gaeilge – Bonnleibhéal’ (Irish-Foundation Level) will not be accepted for matriculation registration purposes or points.

6 Applicants presenting Leaving Certificate results which include subjects no longer offered should contact with regard to acceptability and any exclusions which may apply.

Laboratory Science Subjects:

The following subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate are recognised laboratory science subjects: Agricultural Science; Biology; Chemistry; Physics and Chemistry (Joint); Physics.

In addition to the subjects above, Geography or Applied Mathematics may be used to meet the Laboratory Science subject requirement for Science (SCU1).

Furthermore, Home Economics (Social & Scientific) may be used to meet the Laboratory Science subject requirement for the BSc in Veterinary Nursing in addition to those listed above.

Applied Leaving Certificate:

This examination does not meet matriculation and entry requirements.


The school-leaving examination performance of applicants is scored on the basis of applicants’ best results in not more than six individual subjects taken in the Leaving Certificate examination of any one year. Where an applicant presents school-leaving examinations in two or more years, the best result in a single sitting will be selected for scoring purposes.

The one-year scoring restriction does not affect the separate matriculation requirements of the National University of Ireland; i.e. it is still possible to complete matriculation requirements over more than one year, except for Medicine where applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate that they present for points calculation purposes.

The subjects and combination of subjects not permitted for matriculation also applies when computing an applicant’s points score.

For additional advice or guidance please contact UCD International at