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Your Guide to University College Dublin!

The following information will help you prepare to assist students in attending UCD - everything from applications to financial aid to registration and beyond will be covered on this page. If you have any questions once you've looked through everything, feel free to contact the representative for your region - just click on "UCD NAGC Staff" to your left to find the rep in your region!

The Full Student Experience, Beyond the Classroom

UCD has a lively campus community and is well serviced by a public transport network that connects the campus to Dublin city centre and Dublin International Airport.

As an International Student

  • 25% of the student body are international students coming from 130 different countries
  • Over 40 staff members comprise UCD International
  • Robust student support including:
    • In country employees to work with you in person or by phone and video call
    • Pre-departure outreach so you know what to expect
    • International Student Handbook
    • Airport welcome on arrival
    • International student orientation prior to academic orientation with other first year students
    • Events on throughout the year just for you - including a legendary Thanksgiving celebration and Super Bowl Party!
  • International student centre featuring a 12 screen video wall with satellite channels to ensure you don’t miss your programmes, news or sporting event back home
  • Active international student society organizing trips, parties and cultural outings
  • No visas are required for North American students to study and work up to 20 hours per week in Ireland.  See more information on Working in Ireland.

As a UCD Student

  • UCD has modern, on-campus housing. Please see the UCD Residences website for more information.
  • 140 student societies and clubs to join:
  • Exceptionally interactive Student Union (Student Government)
  • One of the best sports and student centres in the country, featuring a 50M swimming pool, rock climbing wall, black-box theatre, and movie cinema. Please see the UCD Student Centre website for further information
  • Student Health Centre with confidential service for all students

As a Dubliner

  • Soak in being in the modern centre of education, the arts, administrative function, economy and industry of Ireland
  • Be part of one of the youngest cities in Europe with 50% of the population under the age of 25
  • Utilize the robust public transportation to see the beautiful Irish countryside
  • Consider an internship at one of the major companies who call Ireland home, including Google, Intel, Facebook, and Pfizer- just to name a few
  • Push off and spend breaks and weekends traveling Europe – even on a student budget thanks to student discounts and budget airlines at Dublin Airport!

Application Process

Filling Out Your UCD Application

Applications can be submitted via the Common App or directly to UCD - there is no preference for one application method. Applications made to UCD are online and you can upload your documents directly to our system as well as pay the €50 (approximately USD$60) application fee online once complete.

It is important to note that in the UCD application system students are able to apply to multiple academic programs of their choice. Please note that each different course (major) must be applied to separately and that you can apply to up to four courses. Liberal Arts and Sciences may be one of your choices here, which provides an opportunity to explore before finding your best degree fit (see section above for more information on Liberal Arts & Sciences).  It is possible for you to receive offers of admission to multiple programs!

The following materials will be considered as part of your application:

  • Personal/Academic statement
    • Open topic, capped at 300 words
  • Up-to-date official high school transcript
    • Copies of transcripts will suffice for assessment purposes
    • Original transcripts must be provided to Admissions and verified prior to registration
  • Two letters of recommendation 
    • College Counselor recommendation
    • Teacher recommendation
  • Standardized test scores (IB students see below):
    • College Board SAT & AP
      • SAT subject tests while not required may be considered as part of application
      • UCD College Board DI Code: 6675
    • ACT scores
      • ACT College Code: 5512
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diplomas are welcomed
    • Minimum score of 26 is required across the degrees with many programs being more competitive
    • Students should request a Predicted IB Score from their counselor/teacher for application purposes
    • IB Certificates are not accepted at this time

Transcripts and Recommendations 

Physical transcripts and letters of recommendation are not recommended, but if required can be sent to our International Admissions Department at the following address:

University College Dublin
12 E. 49th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Admissions Time Frame for Fall 2019 Entry

The Admissions team will assess your credentials and contact you promptly with a decision once all materials are received. Applications are processed on a rolling basis with an average 2-4 week return decision.

  • Applications open: October 1, 2018
  • Application priority deadline: December 15, 2018
  • Absolute deadline: July 1, 2019

Please note that students awaiting results of high school examinations may apply and could be made a 'conditional offer', requiring that you maintain academic performance similar to that which was presented in your application.

A Note on Professional Programmes

UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science and UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science (Physiotherapy BSc) only consider applications submitted via authorised educational agents. For more information please contact our North American agent, The Atlantic Bridge Program.

If you are applying to the Veterinary Medicine program, please contact the Veterinary Medicine program office directly at for advice on application procedures and entry requirements.

A Note on Language Requirements

  • American students must achieve a C grade in high school English.
  • American students are not required to meet the Other Language or the Irish Language requirement. Exceptions include the following academic programmes, which require evidence of advanced French language proficiency:
    • BCL/Maîtrise
    • Law with French Law
    • Commerce International: French language combination, if selected

Finances and Scholarships

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are based on the course of studies chosen. Tuition and fees are published yearly and can be found on the UCD Fees and Grants website.

*Note that all fees are charged in Euros - check current exchange rates to get accurate conversions to other currencies

Eligibility for Irish or EU Fees

EU fees are based on EU citizenship and EU residency and income tax status

  • Parents must be working full-time in the EU for 3 of the 5 years before you apply to UCD, to be eligible for EU Fees
  • If students have questions about their status, please check the Fees Office website for clarification, as the international office is not involved in this assessment, nor able to make comment on individual cases.
  • Students who are ultimately assessed by the UCD Fees Office and confirmed as EU/Irish will be classified as such for fees as well as application process and timeline.
  • To be most fair to all students in the EU or Irish intake, the admissions process and timeline for students classified as EU or Irish for fees purposes is divergent from the process outlined on the UCD International webpage for students classified as Non-EU.

On-campus Housing Fees

North American students may expect:

  • Modern single occupancy, fully furnished bedrooms in apartment style residences
  • “Catered” or independent meal choice 
  • For the 2019/20 academic year there is on-campus housing set aside for first year students (living on-campus is not required)

The fees for rooms on campus range from €5,896 to €10,480 (approximately USD$6,000-$12,000) depending on the residence students choose to live in. Further information regarding the types of residences, including virtual tours, may be found on the UCD Residences website.


UCD offers many merit based scholarships for US students studying full degrees.  For a full listing of international scholarship and funding opportunities is available on our International Scholarships and Funding pages.

Please note: Applications for the Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship are due by February 1 of the year of entry. To apply for this scholarship, students must already have an offer to study at UCD; therefore, applicants are required to submit their completed application to the university no later than December 15 for full scholarship eligibility.

For further information please contact:

North America Global Center

Tel: +1 646 690 9024
Skype: UCDublin_NAmerica
Twitter: @UCD_NAmerica

[NOTE: All scholarship and funding schemes are subject to availability of funds, and details given here are subject to change at any time. Potential applicants are urged to check information regularly to ensure they are aware of current procedures, deadlines etc.]

Financial Aid FAFSA Code: G10188

American citizens and permanent residents attending UCD are eligible to receive Federal Student Aid from the US Department of Education. UCD participates in the Direct Loan and PLUS loan programs, and most students are able to finance their entire education costs (including tuition, fees, room and board, transportation and books) through a combination of these programs. Private educational loans are also available. For further information on financial aid, please see the UCD International US Loans webpage.

On-Campus Accommodation

UCD offers exceptional, high quality on-campus accommodation to international students. On-campus living means single rooms in apartment style suites, with a variety of living options all right on campus!

UCD seeks to guarantee on-campus accommodation for all first-year undergraduate international students, and accommodation is also available for graduate students on a limited basis. Our Residences website with information on accommdation types and availabilities can be found at

Accommodation booking happens online in early summer. After accepting their offer, students should check the email used when applying to UCD often, as we will be sending important information to that email.

Virtual tours of all residences can be seen online here.

*Please email all questions about accommodation booking to

Explore Off-Campus Accommodation

Many postgraduate students and some undergraduate students choose to live off-campus during their time at UCD. We suggest starting your search by visiting (more details here). UCD also advertises these websites as good for off-campus housing search:
More found here.

Areas close to campus to search:

DUBLIN 4: Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, Sandymount
DUBLIN 6: Ranelagh, Rathgar, Rathmines
DUBLIN 14: Clonskeagh, Dundrum, Goatstown
DUBLIN COUNTY: Blackrock, Booterstown, Mount Merrion, Stillorgan, Dun Laoghaire


Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Entry requirements vary by programme, however the minimum entry requirement university wide is GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, alongside a 1500 SAT (old SAT, three parts) / 1090 SAT (new SAT) / 22 ACT or an International Baccalaureate Score of 26. Liberal Arts and Sciences Entry is among the programmes at this threshold for entry. Please note that many Direct Entry programmes would require higher scores than the university minimum stated. Our more competitive programs would have a median 1850 Old SAT/1380 New SAT/ 27 ACT.


Non-EU Undergraduate Entry Requirements



Non-EU undergraduate applicants may present the following recognised exams as consideration for entry.

Undergraduate programmes in UCD are categorised into four programme bands of competitiveness. Please see your desired programme band below to determine your required exam result for entry.


Veterinary Medicine

Health & Performance Science
Sport & Exercise Management


Actuarial & Financial Studies

Quantitative Business:
Business Analytics
Economics & Finance


Engineering & Architecture

Human Nutrition

Veterinary Nursing
Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences

Business, Law & Commerce

Computer Science

Agricultural Science
Animal Science – Equine
Dairy Business
Food Science

English w Film
International Languages

Social Science

BA Degree
Drama Studies
City Planning  & Enviro. Policy

Horticulture & Agri-environmental Sciences

Competitive Applicant Profile
GPA 3.75 + SAT combined score 2100 Old/1470 New or ACT composite score 32 + AP combined score 15 (max 4 AP scores at 3 or better will be considered), or equivalent combination.

Requirements may vary according to school standing and grade scale used.

SATII Subject Test scores ≥ 600 may also be considered

Applicants are expected to have completed 4 years of English, at least 3 years of Math, (4 years recommended) at least 2 years of History/Social Science and at least 2 years of a laboratory science subject (4 years recommended).


Competitive Applicant Profile

GPA 3.7 + SAT combined score 1950 Old/1380 New or ACT composite score 29 + two or three AP exam(s) at Grade 3 or better, or equivalent combination

SATII Subject Test scores ≥ 600 may also be considered

Competitive Applicant Profile

GPA 3.5 + SAT combined score 1650 Old/1190 New or ACT composite score 24 + one or two AP exam(s) at Grade 3 or better, or equivalent combination

SATII Subject Test scores ≥ 600 may also be considered

Applicants are expected to have completed at least 3 years of math, (4 years recommended) and at least 2 years of a laboratory science subject (4 years recommended).

GPA 3.0 + SAT combined score 1500 Old/1090 New or ACT composite score 22

*NB The equivalences above are indicative only.

In addition, please note that the equivalences shown are the minimum required to be eligible for consideration on a competitive basis. Entry requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.

If you are presenting with qualifications other than those indicated above please email


If you are presenting with International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) or A Level (+GCSE O Level) Cambridge International please click HERE    

Programme Subject Requirements


Programme Subject Requirements


 Some programmes in UCD have specific subject requirements. In addition to the minimum entry requirements listed above, students must use this table to determine the specific programme subject requirements across the various recognised exams  

Programme Subject Requirements


(AP Scores in Calculus AB or BC Considered)


Structural Engineering w/ Architecture

AP 3 or equivalent

(SAT II Subject Test maths scores > 600 may be considered)

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math & Science > 26


AP 3 or equivalent

(SAT II Subject Test maths scores > 600 may be considered)

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math & Science > 26


SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math > 26

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math & Science > 26

Computer Science

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math > 26

Business & Law

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math > 26

Commerce & Commerce International

SAT Math > 600 or

ACT Math > 26

Economics & Finance AP 3 or equivalent N/A
Social Science C Average in Three Years of Maths Courses N/A

*NB The equivalences above are indicative only.

In addition, please note that the equivalences shown are the minimum required to be eligible for consideration on a competitive basis. Entry requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.

If you are presenting with qualifications other than those indicated above please email  


Accepting The Offer

Types of Offers:

An Unconditional Offer or Full Offer:
-means that students have met all the entry requirements for the course.

A Conditional Offer:
-means that students will be accepted if they meet certain additional requirements, typically: graduating from their current school with an equivalent academic record as when they applied; achieving certain marks on AP/IB exams or other standardized tests in progress; or other requirements as noted in the student's offer letter.

Accept Deadlines:

Undergraduate Students - Accept by May 1st for offers received prior to April 15th; Accept within 2 weeks for offers received after April 15th

To Accept The Offer:

Students will log in to their application account (at Upon logging in, they will see that their application to: MAJOR appears with the status of ‘Offer/Conditional Offer’. Click on ‘Accept or Reject’ and it will bring them to the page where they can either accept and pay the deposit if appropriate, or decline the offer.

Your acceptance will not be complete until you successfully record your acceptance and, where appropriate, pay the deposit.


A deposit of 500 is payable to secure a place on most courses. Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit amount will be deducted from student's fee obligation in the fall.

Deferring Offers:

If students are considering deferring their offer, they should contact a member of the UCD NAGC.  Deferrals will not be available in all cases and require a €500 deposit (which will be applied to the fees for the subsequent year).

Final Transcripts

Upon graduation, students must submit an official copy of their final high school transcripts. The transcripts can be sent:

Via email to directly from a guidance counselor or university

Via mail to:

University College Dublin
Attn: Lindsey Siferd
12 E. 49th St.
11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

If students have a condition of receiving specific AP exam scores, please make sure to send a copy of your test scores to UCD when they become available. Our College Board AP exam code is 6675.

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Counselor Tours and Visits

Counselor Tours

If you're interested in visiting the Emerald Isle and learning more about UCD in person, there are two excellent opportunities to travel to Ireland with other North American counselors:

  • Education in Ireland Counselor Tour - this tour takes place every year in late February/early March and offers a small, select group of counselors the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of Ireland to visit universities across the country. The tour is organized by Education in Ireland, the governmental organization representing all institutions of higher education in Ireland. For more information on this year's tour, please check the "Events" tab at the Education in Ireland website:
  • UCD Counselor Tour 2020 - UCD will be hosting a two day on campus event for counselors from North America, offering an opportunity to get to know UCD and Dublin on an intimate and personal basis. The dates for 2020 have not been set yet but will be in mid-February. UCD is happy to provide accommodation for three nights, meals, and in country trasportation, as well as exciting social events. Space is limited and applications will be open in November. For more information please contact

North America Global Center Representatives


Eastern Region


Maggie Cardosi
Northeast Region
+1-646-960-9025 (Eastern Time)


Shannon Farrelly
Mid-Atlantic Region
+1-646-960-9025 (Eastern Time)






Central Region


Jim Pierson
+1-847-373-6731 (Central Time)


Western Region

Sarah Blank
+1-650-255-8532 (Pacific Time)


General Inquiries


See if UCD Representatives will be at an event near you!

Planning to visit campus?  Let us know so we can arrange your visiting here!