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Page updated 24 August 2022

Managing people is the ability to align the right work with the right people, delegating tasks according to people's strengths and interests, ensuring people have the skills and reasonable resources to get things done. This will support the creation of a strong team where individuals are treated fairly and consistently and share accountability.

Managing people includes providing regular and meaningful feedback that supports individuals to be successful. Managers should effectively support performance challenges and actively support individuals progressing their careers and achieving their potential.

RISE Leadership and People Management Programme

The RISE programme is designed for all Senior Leaders and People Managers across UCD.

This Leadership programme has been created to support the delivery of the UCD Strategy 2020-2024, 'Rising to the Future'. As per our strategy, we commit to rising to meet the global challenges of the future through the excellence and impact of our research, scholarship and innovation, while ensuring every member of our community is enabled to achieve their full potential.  

RISE is delivered by our strategic partners Flow Group. The modules are designed to facilitate participants coming together to reflect and plan their individual and collective approaches to navigating an ever-changing and complex landscape, and each session includes personal reflection, action planning, small group conversation, idea generation and discussion.

RISE Programme Overview

This high impact programme is designed as a learning journey which consists of a number of modules which must be completed in sequence. Senior Leaders and People Managers will attend the Core Module together to share experiences and work to create common approaches and language. Each cohort will then attend their Essentials 1 and Essentials 2 modules in sequence.

RISE Insights
The programme also offers RISE Insights Sessions on HR, Finance and Research Finance. These optional 90-minute offerings delivered by our UCD colleagues provide specialist advice and guidance. Insights Sessions can be attended at any time once you have completed your Core module.

RISE Peer Connect
These one-hour self-contained sessions allow for the continuation of learning and sharing among our diverse community of people managers and leaders. The purpose of these facilitated sessions is to connect peers in small groups of three, with each person talking through a challenge, idea or insight, sharing experiences and using the group as a confidential sounding board.

These sessions can be attended at any time throughout your RISE journey.

This two-minute video explains more about Peer Connect. 

Booking your place on RISE
To book your place on any of the RISE offerings please visit the dedicated RISE Booking Portal available to People Managers and Senior Leaders.

Please note only eligible participants will have access to book on the UCD RISE Leadership and People Management Programme.

Who is this course for?
This training is suitable for learners who want to continue to influence others in a positive way and mentor, motivate and guide others towards achievement of goals. This half-day course has been designed to address the new challenges associated with managing Hybrid Teams. During the training, we look at the benefits of a hybrid model from the employer's and employees' perspectives. We will also look at how to encourage collaboration and engagement within teams no matter where individuals are located and how to sustain inclusion for all.

How long is this course?
This is a 3.5-hour workshop - including 15-minute breaks

What topics will be covered?
This is a highly practical course and scenario-based exercises and group discussions will be used throughout to allow learners to gain a better understanding of the content covered.

Topics Covered:

  • Benefits of the Hybrid Work Model
  • Common challenges of Hybrid work
  • Manage communication and meetings
  • Identifying and reducing proximity bias
  • Delegating from a distance
  • Productivity & collaboration tools
  • Building motivation and fostering connection across your team

Do I need to prepare anything before or after the session?
Before the course, we will ask learners to complete an online survey in relation to their current role and the daily challenges they come across while managing a hybrid team. This survey will help raise each learner's self-awareness and encourage them to focus on what they want to get out of the training.

Before the course begins each learner will also receive a 3-2-1 Personal Action Plan template. At the end of the course, the trainer will facilitate a short reflective activity which will allow each learner to use this template to record: 

3. Three things they learned/were reminded about during training

2. Two things they want to action based on the session

1. One thing they are going to action this week

Learners will be encouraged to share their entire plan with their supervisor, manager or a co-worker in order to have accountability. 

For details of upcoming events or to book your place on available courses, please visit the HR - Professional Development booking centre  If your chosen course is fully booked or no longer available, you can access the UCD LinkedIn learning portal via your UCD Connect login where you will find a range of eLearning courses. 

If you have any further queries on this programme, please contact peopledevelopment@ucd.ie or call ext 4919.

Who is this course for? 
This course is for all staff members interested in developing their coaching skills. The aim of the course is to facilitate the development of the skills and mindset required to hold quality, focused and productive coaching conversations that result in greater clarity and direction for others. The mindset and skills can be used one to one, in a group, with colleagues, reports and stakeholders alike.

How long is this course?
This course includes 2x 3.5-hour workshop - including 15-minute break – followed by a 1-hour Action Learning Set

What topics will be covered? 
Coaching is a core mindset and skill that can be applied in any situation. The specific skills focused on in the programme are:

  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Directness
  • Being non judgmental
  • Patience
  • Presence
  • Coaching

By the end of this one-day programme you will leave with a practical tool, which you have practiced and are confident in using, which:

  • Gives laser sharp focus to your team
  • Significantly accelerates their performance
  • Saves time for you…over time
  • Empowers your team to problem solve themselves
  • Grows the next level of managers and leaders

In addition, you will have built:

  • The capacity to deliver quicker, better and more impactful results through your team and your colleagues at work
  • An understanding of the value & impact of coaching
  • The motivation, confidence and skills to have impactful coaching conversations at work
  • The ability to identify where coaching can be used to improve performance in your team
  • The ability to use practical coaching skills with your team in a variety of situations including feedback sessions, development conversations, team and individual meetings and in any situation where you are aiming to increase performance and results.

Do I need to prepare anything before or after the session? 
Participants on this programme will have access to an online whiteboard and document repository for up to 3 months after completing the programme and all resources will continue to be available to them over this time. In addition, they can download materials locally and these will be available to them forever.

Pre work will include:

  1. Read the article ‘Leveraging the Coaching Revolution’
  2. Learn about the difference between coaching, mentoring, training, and managing as well as what coaching is and what it is not
  3. Set your own objectives for attending the programme and enhancing your mindset and skills as a people manager

Post course work will include:

  1. Completing actions committed to in personal action plan
  2. 2 peer coaching sessions over the following 3 months focused on their development as a people manager and specifically the development of their coaching skills and practice
  3. Updating of actions and impact on digital whiteboard before action learning set.

A one-hour, online, action learning set will be facilitated by the trainer 2 months after the programme so that the participants can share experiences and learnings with one another and problem solve as needed.

For details of upcoming events or to book your place on available courses, please visit the HR - Professional Development booking centre  If your chosen course is fully booked or no longer available, you can access the UCD LinkedIn learning portal via your UCD Connect login where you will find a range of eLearning courses. 

If you have any further queries on this programme, please contact peopledevelopment@ucd.ie or call ext 4919.

The "THRIVE - Leadership in Research" 2023 Programme is a joint initiative between UCD People and Organisation Development and UCD Research in consultation with our training partner 64 Million Artists. This important programme will contribute to the development of our UCD Faculty members at Lecturer/Assistant Professor or Associate Professor level and supports the delivery of UCD’s strategic plans.

The programme equips participants with the skills, knowledge, behaviours and confidence needed to realise their ambitions in UCD. Utilising a holistic approach, it provides a significant opportunity for Assistant Professors/Lecturers and Associate Professors across all disciplines to develop leadership and innovation skills in a group environment with peer-to-peer collaboration and networking.

Find out more about "THRIVE - Leadership in Research" and submit your application on our dedicated webpage.

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