Performance for Growth (P4G) is the UCD framework that provides the opportunity for all employees to have at least one annual conversation with their line manager, Head of School or Alternate Reviewer, within which: Achievements and challenges of the previous year are reflected on; Goals and objectives for the coming year are agreed; A development plan is discussed and agreed; Career aspirations are explored and supported where possible.

The annual P4G cycle runs from 1st May through to 30th April, with conversations starting in mid-April and completed i.e., objectives agreed for the coming year, development plan created, and future career aspirations discussed, by the end of June. 

UCD Performance for Growth Policy

Performance for Growth FAQs

Below you will find more information supporting P4G conversations for both Reviewers and Reviewees.


Performance for Growth (P4G) will formally resume in full on 13 April 2021, with conversations taking place between 13 April and 30 June 2021. 

Reviewees can access their P4G forms via InfoHub/Human Resources/My Development Workspace.

P4G Training

To ensure that everyone is well prepared for their P4G conversation, we are offering training options that blend face-to-face learning with eLearning.


The 30-minute P4G Reviewee e-Learning training module is available on Brightspace.

The 90-minute face-to-face Reviewee workshop (optional) will help your reflections as you prepare for your P4G conversation, how to build strong objectives, how to navigate the online system and what to consider when creating your development plan using the 70:20:10 model. Book your place on Reviewee training here.

Reviewees may also access LinkedIn Learning Path to supplement the preparation for P4G conversations.


The core (mandatory for new Reviewers, 2hrs 45 mins) and advanced (optional, 90 mins) trainings are available for Reviewers. The training explores a coaching approach to quality conversations, it will also look at how to create the best environment for a positive conversation, reflection and feedback, objective setting and optimal development plans using the 70:20:10 model. Book your place on Reviewer training here.

Reviewers may also access LinkedIn Learning Collection to supplement the preparation for P4G conversations.

Additional resources

A number of resources are available below to assist Reviewers and Reviewees with P4G conversations.

To help support reviewers and reviewees with development planning, a new resource, the P4G Development Toolkit is available which will assist in identifying development resources to grow the skills and competencies identified as part of your P4G conversation. Technical staff may also refer to P4G Development Toolkit - Technical Staff.

If you have any questions relating to P4G, please see our FAQs or email