e-Learning for Reviewees
A 30-minute e-Learning Reviewee Training Module is available on Brightspace and can be accessed here

Preparatory online workshops for Reviewees and Reviewers
Nine Reviewee online training workshops and eleven Reviewer workshops were delivered by our P4G training provider, Flow Group and the POD team during April, May and June 2022. These sessions have now concluded for this P4G cycle.

There are many resources available below with guidance on how to approach the role Reviewee or  Reviewer. If you have any specific queries about the process you are welcome to email P4G@ucd.ie

Each of the buttons below will lead you to resources supporting P4G conversations for both Reviewees and Reviewers.

Take a look at our video above to find out about the P4G framework and hear about the training and resources available to Reviewees and Reviewers as they prepare for their P4G conversation. You may also wish to look at the UCD Performance for Growth Policy and Performance for Growth FAQs

Once you are ready to initiate your P4G form you can via navigate to it via InfoHub/Human Resources/My Development Workspace.

As well as the training options outlined above, Reviewees may also access LinkedIn Learning Path to further prepare for P4G conversations, and Reviewers will also find training resources through the LinkedIn Learning Collection that has been tailored to support them. 

If you have any questions, please see our  or email P4G@ucd.ie 

In 2021, a review of the Performance for Growth (P4G) Framework was conducted to assess its implementation and delivery with regard to the intended benefits to individuals and the institution. The Review included inputs from stakeholders and participants and following a comprehensive analysis of the feedback an Action Plan to further embed P4G into the institution was developed.

The P4G Review and Action Plan (2022-2024), was approved by UMT in February 2022, at which time they also reaffirmed their endorsement of the principles of the P4G Framework. The Action plan includes system improvements and enhanced training and materials. The plan also features policy revision, and alignment with current and planned University processes, programmes, and initiatives. Progress on activities within the Plan are underway and will continue over the coming cycles.