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PhD & MLitt Students

Guxing Chen a visiting PhD student from China with Professor Rowland Stout, host for the visit
Current PhD & MLitt Students
Agra, Kelly Louise Rexzy
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Epistemic Injustice & Philosophy
Kelly Agra is an Irish Research Council (IRC) postgraduate scholar and was the Editor-in-Chief of Perspectives: UCD Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy, Volume 9, Special Issue in Social Philosophy. She is affiliated with the University of the Philippines Baguio, as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy (on study leave), and is a core member of the Women Doing Philosophy (WDP) group in the Philippines, of Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) UCD Chapter, and of the Transnational Humanities PhD (TNH-PhD) Network at the UCD Humanities Institute (HI). Her work falls within the intersections of Critical Social Theory and Social Epistemology, but as enriched by Decolonial and Feminist Epistemologies. She has published on the philosophy of Alain Badiou, in Comparative Philosophy, and on Epistemic Injustice, among others. Her most recent publications are "Resilient Resistance and Resistant Knowledge Projects: Subtracting Resilience from Neoliberalism" (Upcoming), “A Critical Theory of Epistemic Injustice” in Perspectives Vol. 9 (Winter 2021), and “Epistemic Injustice, Epistemic Paralysis, and Epistemic Resistance: A (Feminist) Liberatroy Approach to Epistemology” in Kritike 14 (1) (June 2020). Her doctoral research is entitled "Epistemic Paralysis” and is funded by the IRC, University of the Philippines (UP), and University College Dublin.
Buholzer, August
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Kant's Theory of Representation
Burakowska, Natalia
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Phenomenology of Dementia: An Embodied-Cognitive Account
Campillo Bo, Álvaro
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: The Latin Legacy of Proclus' Commentary on Euclid
Casellato, Maria Agnese
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Linguistic Reference: Descriptive, Externalism and a Middle Course
Condon, Berniann (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Image Perception
Corlett, Naomi
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Epistemic & Modal Opens of the Future
De Mattia, Antonio Pio
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The Persistence of Transcendental Flaw in Philosophy Critical & Self-Reflexive Diskurs as Confutative Method of Inquiry?
Dijker, Lucas
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Trustworthy Expertise: Analysing & Judging Populist & Technocratic Politics
D'Ippolito, Armando
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: Plato’s Doctrine of Light: Between Mythos and Episteme
Dmuchowska, Marta
Supervisor: Tatjana von Solodkoff
Topic: TBA
Doyle, Andrew
Supervisor: Lisa Foran
Topic: On the Being of the Philosophical Lecture
Dunne, Seamus (MLitt)
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Agents & Agency - The Relationship of Agents to their Motives, Reasons, Intentions & Actions Embodied in the Social World
Dwyer, Austin (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Fred Cummins
Topic: Cognitive Science in Philosophy
Ferns, Samuel
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Freedom, Knowledge & Power: Reflexive Stage in the Grammars of Critical Social Theory
Filea, Evie
Supervisor: Lisa Foran
Topic: The Phenomenological Implications & Influences of Edward Bond’s Theory of Theatre
Evie Filea is a philosophy PhD Candidate in University College Dublin working under the supervision of Dr Lisa Foran on a project that examines several aspects of Martin Heidegger’s early philosophy in relation to Edward Bond’s late dramaturgy. Her main research interests are broadly focused on the performativity of philosophy, history of philosophy, and philosophy in education. She holds a MA in Consciousness & Embodiment from UCD, a MA in Drama in Education from Trinity College Dublin, and a BA in Pedagogy from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has presented her work in several international Conferences and workshops, and she is often invited as a guest speaker in interdisciplinary events.
Goksoy, Seckin (MLitt)
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Politics of Animality & Aesthetics
Guardascione, Alessandro
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Values & Selfhood in Psychopathology: A Phenomenological Account 
Hariri, Muhannad
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Inferential Intuitions: Evil in Kant & Levinas: Combining Insights in a Novel Theory of Moral Imagination
Kaneko, Miho
Supervisor: Tatjana von Solodkoff
Topic: Can a Kind Essentialist Account of Instantiation Explain the Authorial Creation of Fictional Characters?
Kelly, Denise
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: On Being (an Outsider): A Phenomenological Exploration of Social Phobia and Agoraphobia
Denise is an Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Scholarship Awardee whose research is centred in phenomenological psychopathology. Her thesis, entitled 'What About Phobias? An Investigation of Agoraphobia and Social Phobia from a Philosophical and Clinical Perspective' takes an existential-phenomenological approach with a view to elucidate the lived experience of those who suffer from these illnesses. She was a founding member of the Minorities and Philosophy UCD Chapter. She also works with the UCD Centre for Ethics and Public Life, and is a Judge for the Irish Young Philosopher Awards. 
Kwon, Haikyung
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Negative Dialectic as a Model for ‘Concrete Thinking’ – Adorno’s Formal Dialectic in Relation to Hegel
Lewis, Thomas
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The Eternal Return & the Philosophy of the Future
Masterton, Steven
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: Political Tenets: Virtue, Imperatives & Moral Exemplars
Mellema, Pepa (Ad Astra PhD)
Supervisor: Elmar Unnsteinsson
Topic: The Semantics & Pragmatics of Pejoratives
Modarres, Benjamin
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Phenmenological Particularity of Poetry
Molinaro, Maria Giulia
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: To What Extent & With What Effects War, Understood as a Contemporary Historical Phenomenon, is Normalised

Maria Giulia Molinaro is a PhD candiate in the School of Philosophy.  Her research touches on the fields of philosophy and sociology. In a nutshell, it is about Normalisation and Naturalisation of War in NATO Countries after 9/11.  She is a member of the international group MAP - Minorities and Philosophy working on the Digital & Communication Committee, and the coordinator of the Work in Progess (WiP) Seminars. Besides explaining why normalising war-mentalities is bad. she loves photography, volunteering, reading Tolkien, studying botany, watching paintings, and listening to and playing Irish folk music.

Nanni, Laura Jane BA, HDip, PGDE, MA
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic:  Between Self & Other: The Primacy of Intersubjectivity in Husserl and Honneth
Nuwe Agabah, Patrick
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Is There a Need To Liberate Basic Human Rghts From the Limitations of Culture?
Papazian, Meline (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Rowland Stout
Topic: TBA
Phipps, Aisling
Supervisor: Ruth Boeker
Topic: Parallels Between Personal Identity & Morality: The Effects of Identity Disturbance on Developing the Moral System in an Individual with Borderline Personality Disorder
Pret Theodore, Roxane
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Rethinking Political Organisation from a Feminist Standpoint Politicizing an Ethics of Care and Vulnerability
Pringle, John (MLitt)
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Empirical Method applied to a Problem in Ethics, such as Intuitionism or Mind/Body & Behaviourism
Rogers, John (Leave of Absence)
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Newman & Planting on the Epistemic Status of Religious Belief
Russell, Rachel
Supervisor: Dan Deasey
Topic: Timelessness: Metaphysics & Perception in a Timeless World
Saintemarie, Clémence
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: The Aesthetic is Political: A Critical Phenomenology of Social In/Visibility: Perception, Representation, the Imaginary
Smith, Robert
Supervisor: Markus Schlosser
Topic: The Nonconceptual Epistemological Limit: The Normative-Affective Disposition
Stéphan, Alix
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The Spy as a Philosophical Figure

Alix Stéphan holds a Master's degree in Political Philosophy from Sorbonne Université and a Master's degree in Political Theory from Sciences Po. Her interests are in continental philosophy; political philosophy and the link between philosophy, literature and art. Her thesis is entitled "The spy as a philosophical figure", which aims at conceptualizing an often forgotten figure in philosophy, with the help of philosophical and literary texts as well as resources coming from visual arts.

Sun, Fanqi
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Nietzsche's Life Philosophy
Vanderkwaak, Matthew
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: Polytheis & the Liber de Causis
Vitale, Giuseppe
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: Aliquid Amplius. Berthold of Moosburg's Neoplatonism as Going Beyond Metaphysics
Webber, Grace (MLitt)
Supervisor: Katherine O'Donnell
Topic:Sexistentialism: A Radical Theory of Sexual Politics
Wren, Jonathan
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Political Implications of Freedom & Sharing: From Heidegger to Arendt & Nancy
Xu, Shengwei
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: The Free Development of the Individual & All: Sartre & Adorno on Freedom

Recently completed students

Athanassiadis, Antoine
Banfi, Luca
Beggan, Liam 
Bizra, Rana
Burns, Tim - Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University (USA)
Cosgrave, Bernard
Cherouvis, Stephanos - Research & Development, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece)
Castagnoli, Andrea
Cummins, Hugh
Drumm, Eugene (MLitt)
Doyle, Siobhan  - Philosophy Lecturer in SMSI College, Dunlaoghaire
Dolezal, Luna - Lecturer, Philosophy & Medical Humanities, University of Exeter
Dong, Le
Ennis, Paul - Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, Quinn School, University College Dublin
Favier, Killian
Foley, Robert - Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario
Foran, Lisa - Assistant Professor, UCD School of Philosophy
Gallagher, Michael (MLitt)
Giannankakis, Evangelos
Guedj-Cohen, Sacha
Hogan, Sinéad - Lecturer, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
Hyland, Sheena - Lecturer in Educational Development, UCD Teaching & Learning, University College Dublin
James, Seferin
Kinsella, Maurice
Kretzschmar, Sven (MLitt) - Research Fellow in Health Sciences, Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg (Germany) 
Lennon, Damien
CLim, Kimberly (MLitt)
Marini, Simone - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin
McGuire, John -  Teaching Fellow, UCD School of Philosophy/Marie Curie Global Research Fellow, UCD/McMaster University (Canada)
Millan, Daniel
Mitchell, Jonathan
Murphy, Christopher
Morrissey, Brian
Murphy, Christopher
Newman, Hugo
Nic Eodhasa, Emma1
Nicholson, Anna
O'Connor, Andrew (MLitt)
Ó Madagáin, Caoimhín (MLitt)
Petropoulos, Georgios - Teaching Fellow, UCD School of Philosophy
Shanahan, Mary Kennedy - Lecturer in Religious Education, St Angela's College, Sligo
Sorem, Erik - Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University (USA)
Uljée, Rozemund - University Lecturer, Leiden University
Vaughan, Connell - Lecturer in Aesthetics and Critical Theory in the Dublin School of Creative Arts (DIT)
Walsh, Jason - Journalist
Wong, Shuk Ling Lilian (MLitt)
Zhang, Junguo

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