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Philosophy links

Philosophy links

This page is a handy list of some useful philosophy resources, lectures, interviews, etc. These are designed for current philosophy students or for secondary school students who would like to know what philosophy is.

Popular philosophy

(opens in a new window)The School of Life: “what is philosophy for?” plus a number of other short videos

(opens in a new window)Wireless philosophy

(opens in a new window)A series of videos on epistemology by Jennifer Nagel

(opens in a new window)The Royal Institute of Philosophy has produced a series of accessible articles under the title ‘Think’

(opens in a new window)Michael Sandel (Harvard) has a series of video lectures entitled ‘Justice’

(opens in a new window)Ted Talks on philosophy

(opens in a new window)Philosophy Bites podcasts

(opens in a new window)Pea Soup: Philosophy, Ethics, Academia

(opens in a new window)PLATO: Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organisation

(opens in a new window)Spirit Button: A guide to on-line philosophy resources 

(opens in a new window)Philosophy experiments

(opens in a new window)Practical Ethics: Ethics in the News (Oxford)

(opens in a new window)Understanding Science article: the philosophy of science

(opens in a new window)New Books in Philosophy: podcast interviews by philosophers

(opens in a new window)In Our Time: Melvyn Bragg interviews philosophers about either a philosophical problem or a particular thinker

(opens in a new window)The Partially Examined Life: blog and podcast by former philosophy grad students including interviews with contemporary thinkers

(opens in a new window)Pandemic ethics: eight big questions of COVID

More academic resources

(opens in a new window)The Philosophy Pages

(opens in a new window)The Sophia project

(opens in a new window)The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

(opens in a new window)The Internet Enclyclopedia of Philosophy

(opens in a new window)Ethics Updates

(opens in a new window)The Husserl page

(opens in a new window)The Levinas webpage

(opens in a new window)Just War Theory

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