The UCD School of Psychology is applying for the Athena Swan Bronze Award in April 2020. Here you can find information on what Athen Swan is, who is on the UCD School of Psychology Team, and our Terms of Reference.


UCD Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

Terms of Reference



The SAT will be chaired by Co-Chairs, Michelle Downes and Jessica Bramham. The role of Co-Chairs is to lead the Self-Assessment Team and co-ordinate the Athena SWAN application.

 The chair’s role is crucial as they are publicly stating their commitment to gender equality and have overall responsibility for the application.

 Their role in SAT meetings will ensure:

  • That the power balance within the SAT is maintained, that everyone is able to have their say and that stronger voices and hierarchy do not overpower discussions and decisions
  • That all members of the SAT take responsibility for completing tasks and the charter mark process
  • That SAT members are given proportionate responsibility

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Alan Carr – Head of School

Suzie Guerin- Deputy Head of School

Lauren Christophers – Postgraduate student

Paul D’Alton – Associate Professor

Kathy Looney – Assistant Professor

Paul Maher – Assistant Professor

Amanda Fitzgerald, Assistant Professor (on maternity leave)

Aideen McParland – Assistant Professor

Danny Moran – School Manager

Niki Nearchou – Assistant Professor

Cliódhna O’Connor – Assistant Professor

Cliodhna O’Connor – Post doctoral researcher

Ava O’Shea - Undergraduate student

Acting as the Self-Assessment Team for the Athena SWAN School process (with the support of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Unit), the SAT will: 

  • Attend and contribute at SAT meetings
  • Review successful Athena SWAN applications in other Schools in UCD and similar disciplines in other institutions
  • Review UCD’s Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative data and provide recommended actions for the Schools gender equality action plan
  • Manage the completion of elements of the Athena SWAN application as directed by the Co-Chairs.
  • Lead on or work in a sub-group to progress specific elements of the Athena SWAN application
  • Report on progress to SAT Co-Chairs
  • Deliver work to agreed deadlines
  • Promote Athena SWAN and execute the School’s GEAP with the university community 
  • Review and implement feedback on Athena SWAN applications 
  • Support the implementation of the School Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Liaise with EDI Unit for support as required

Term of Office

The term of office of the SAT will be at least up to the submission of application for the Athena SWAN School Award. At this point the terms of reference, including membership, will be reviewed.

Accountability and reporting

The SAT member will report to Co-Chairs on key decisions and at key milestones. Sat Co-Chairs will keep the Head of School updated on progress and any challenges experienced.

SAT Structure

The SAT will be divided into SAT sub-groups with leads who are responsible for managing these groups deliver on specific aspects of the application.

SAT leads will report to SAT Chairs on a regular basis or in agreement with the SAT Chairs.


The SAT Chair will define how many meetings the SAT will meet and agree with SAT sub-group leads how many times SAT sub-groups will meet.

Support Structures

The SAT Co-Chairs will be supported by SAT members who will normally be divided into sub groups to work on different elements of the Athena SWAN application. This sub-group will meet in advance of the SAT meetings, as required.

The SAT Co-Chairs will liaise regularly with the EDI Unit in order for the EDI Unit to support them with the application. The EDI Unit are available to meet, call with the SAT on a regular basis or as required. Where requested, the EDI Unit will attend SAT meetings such as the initial meeting, milestone meetings and as required. The EDI Unit will provide supports via the Athena SWAN Schools webpage.