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Cryogenic Safety Training

Introduction to Cryogenic Safety 

Aimed at: Faculty, Research Staff, Technical Officers and Postgraduate Students

This course is suitable for all staff and postgraduate students working with cryogens as part of their role. This course provides information on the practical aspects of working safely with cryogens in the laboratory setting.

At the end of the course participants will have an understanding of the hazards associated with handling cryogens, the risk control measures and carrying out depletion and enrichment measurements.


  • Introduction to Cryogens – Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice
  • Hazards of handling cryogens/ liquid nitrogen
  • Safe handling and transportation of liquid nitrogen
  • Control Measure
  • Emergency Response
  • Measuring enrichment and depletion

Duration: 50 minutes

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Interested applicants will be notified in advance as to when this course will be taking place.

Recommended Course to Complete with this Training: Risk Assessment Training

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