Dr Keenan speaks at "Talking about Perpetrators" (a series of cross-disciplinary presentations and discussion looking at representations and narratives of perpetrators and perpetration)

Talking about Perpetrators was held in The Presidents' room of Dublin Castle (the site of the former Children's Court of Dublin) on 29th October. Dr Keenan's talk was entitled "Them and Us: Talking about Perpetrators of Sexual Violence".

The event was supported by the Irish Memory Studies Network, Irish Research Council and Parity Studios, as a collaboration between Mr Dominic Thorpe (UCD Artist in Residence) and Dr Emilie Pine (UCD School of English, Drama & Film).

A podcast of the event can be found at the Irish Memory Network Website in the "Memory Cloud" section here.


Images from the event:

Marie Keenan at the

Dr Marie Keenan speaks at the

Marie Keenan at the