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Considering Studying Abroad in Stage 3?

As a BSc Social Sciences joint major student, there are lots of exciting destinations available for you to study abroad during Stage 3.  Below is some important information to help you decide whether to apply for an exchange or Erasmus opportunity, but if you have any further questions, please contact the Global Engagement Programme Manager: outgoing.socialsciences@ucd.ie

See our FAQ section below which answers questions about costs, your grant, application timelines and much more.

BHSOC010 Exchange Programme & Subject Pathway Credit Requirements

Exchange Duration

ECTS Credit Programme Requirements*

Credit Requirements breakdown per subject pathway

One Trimester

 Min of 20 ECTS

15 ECTS credits made up of one or both Joint Major subjects must be earned.

The remaining 5 credits earned can be electives.

Full Year

Min of 45 ECTS

20 ECTS credits must be in one Joint Major subject and 15 ECTS credits must be in the other Joint Major subject must be earned

The remaining 10 credits earned can be electives.


  • It is recommended that students studying abroad  register to 30 ECTS at host university for one-trimester and 60 ECTS at host university for the full academic year.
  • Or Course Load equivalent: Applicable to students on a Non-EU Exchange. Please see here.

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for an exchange you must achieve an average of 3.00 GPA in stage 1 and stage 2 of your degree. Generally, for students going on exchange in stage 3, the average GPA is calculated as follows:(Stage 1 + Stage 1 + Stage 2 trimester 1) divided by 3.

If you are successful in your application, you will need to have completed 60 credits at Stage 1 including all cores, and at least 50 credits in Stage 2, to be eligible to take your exchange or Erasmus place. N.B Please note that your progression to stage 4 might be affected if you don’t achieve 60 credits in stage 2.

Note: It is strongly advised that any student who does not pass all stage 2 modules, does not take up an opportunity to study abroad for a full year as it will be very difficult to remediate your outstanding modules and successfully complete stage 4 on your return. Should you wish to discuss this further please contact  Erasmus Exchange Programme Manager (outgoing.socialsciences@ucd.ie) to explore this further.

You should be aiming to balance your academic workload over the two trimesters as evenly as possible. You are required to attend lectures during the whole academic year and the minimum number of credits that a student is required to take during any trimester is 20 ECTS. 

Note: If you take exchange outside of Europe, you will be required to take specific course workload relevant to each university, as outside of Europe institutions don’t use the ECTS system.

  • Where Can I go?

The destinations available depend on how long you wish to go abroad and your joint major subjects. They are linked in the information by subject below.

  • Who can I contact for additional information?

 Programme Manager for Social Sciences Outbound Mobility (Erasmus and Non-EU Exchanges) will answer your queries.  outgoing.socialsciences@ucd.ie  

It is important that you research the language requirements for any institution that you wish to apply to. As the exchange programme is very competitive and you may not be offered your top preference, you are encouraged to check at least a few options -  which you can then include in your application.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that you check in advance the course catalogue on a host university website to see if there are sufficient subjects/modules offered through English.

You don’t need to select modules before you apply but you must check their suitability in advance so you are fully aware of subjects choices should you be nominated to that institution. Your Academic/ Erasmus exchange Coordinator  will be able to advise you if you have a specific question on particular subjects offered in host university.

For more information on requirements please check the  UCD Global website.

Destinations by Subject 

The desinations available for application are based on current agreements between UCD and our partner Universities. They may be available for only one trimester if your second joint major subject is not delivered in the University (or on the same campus).

Destinations listed are for guidance and are subject to change.

Destinations for 1 trimester by Joint Major Subject (Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Info & Comm Studies, Maths/Stats, Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Social Policy/Work/Justice, Sociology) are listed on the UCD Global website.
All opportunities for full year Erasmus and Exchange are listed in the document below:

Destinations may be listed as being available for only one trimester if UCD only has an agreement with one of your subjects or your second joint major subject is not delivered in the University (or on the same campus).

The destinations listed under 2 trimesters offer your two subjects (subject to availability, logistics, timetabling etc.) and are therefore suitable for a full year abroad. However, you can also apply to these destinations for a single trimester, if you wish.

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