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Digital Badge in Universal Design for Student/Learner Supports and Engagement

Digital Badge in Universal Design for Student Supports and Engagement - In Development

A new Digital Badge in Universal Design for Student/Learner Support and Engagement is currently being developed. The badge development is supported by the National Forum and is being led by UCD and AHEAD. The badge will enhance flexibility, accessibility and inclusion in student/learner support and engagement. The UDS/LSE badge will complement the (opens in a new window)Digital Badge in Universal Design for Teaching & Learning and can be used as a companion or as an alternative.

We are seeking examples of good practice to include in the materials. Please nominate examples from your ETB/Institution which are inclusive, accessible and demonstrate a level of innovation which could inspire those seeking to embed inclusion in their service. Universal Design is a framework which fosters the development of inclusive and accessible services, environments and products. Please note that your example of good practice should align with the principles and ethos of Universal Design – you may not have realised this alignment in your initial design but it should be evident on reflection.

We will contact you for further information to discuss your example of good practice and potentially to arrange for the recording of your case study for inclusion in the Digital Badge resources – this might include audio, video, or other means of representation.

These examples should demonstrate one or more Universal Design principles in practice:

  1. Multiple Means of Engagement: to develop learners to be Purposeful & Motivated
  2. Multiple Means of Representation: to develop learners to be Resourceful & Knowledgeable
  3. Multiple Means of Action & Expression: to develop learners to be Strategic & Goal-Directed

Please refer to the (opens in a new window)Principles and Checkpoints document when completing this template.

The examples do not need to show how a whole system or process was overhauled or changed. Small improvements undertaken by individuals or a team to help make a support service more accessible/inclusive for learners which can offer practical advice to others is what we’re looking for. You might include examples of a single initiative or campaign or another type of change to a service.

This overview should be brief - use bullet points and shorthand etc. We will contact you for further information as necessary. Please complete this short form before the 31st of January – remember this is an initial gathering exercise so your answers to questions don’t need to be perfect.

If you have any queries, please email us at the project team: (opens in a new window)LSSE@ucd.ie

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