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Findability Project

Improving the 'finability' of information for students

The Student Perspective indicates how challenging - and overwhelming - it is for our students to find the information they need when they need it. They prefer to receive information through channels they are already paying attention to (examples include word of mouth, the trending social channel) and when a need arises, often turn to their 'Trusted Person' for direction or advice. 

Students each have unique personal circumstances and contexts; each follow a unique path through the university; and focus primarily on the 'here and now'. Their needs vary from each other and change over time. This makes the question of how to effectively connect students with information a complex challenge.

This project seeks to address these issues by identifying how we can best understand what our students need at particular moments and how best to reach students to ensure their needs are being met. This is particularly important for our newer students who, with the most needs/wants from the University, are the least capable of navigating the University to meet those needs.

That is, how do we make information and support more ‘findable’, both in terms of recognising needs/focus and how best to match them, and in terms of the mechanisms (technology, communications etc.) by which information and supports can be accessed?

The desired outcomes for this project are for

  • students to find it easier to quickly access supports and services relevant to their needs and priorities through effective navigation
  • recommendations to be made for how to provide information to students

These outcomes will be acheived through developing a better understanding of:

  • the primary methods students use to find information/supports and how that works for them
  • when students seek information and when it is made available to them

Steering Committee: UMT Student Experience Group

Project Sponsor: Prof Jason Last, Dean of Students

Project Lead: Peter Hickey, Head of Client Services, UCD Library

Consultation and participation includes staff and faculty representing a wide range of areas and roles across the University.

This project is being delivered using a to ensure effective and efficient collaboration, decision-making and implementation. 

Please feel free to contact us at (opens in a new window)agile@ucd.ie  or via our contact page.