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Lean for Operations

Lean for Operations


1 Day         


Lean Ops training is the answer to a question - how can I make it easier, over time, to do my day to day business.

If two or more leads from a given area do the training it can make it more supportive for them when they look to translate the training into their day to day team life.

Local management should be actively engaged with those doing Lean Ops - if everyone is interested in getting something from it then that can help the individuals with interest and support.‌

Who should attend?             

Front line team leads. They do not have to have done Lean training before.      

Learning outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of the principles of operations and process management
  • Understand how to apply Lean principles to assess how well your process resources are matched to the demand for the product/service provided
  • Be equipped to identify the resources required to meet new customer requirements/changes to the process
  • Be equipped to plan and control process performance to ensure current process controls are adequate
  • Be equipped to identify and successfully implement process improvement opportunities

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Lean for Operations