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Remit Mapping

Remit Mapping          


2 Hours


Remits can change over time.  Things can become less clear, more complex.  “Just so everyone understands... where are we ‘now’?”

This training provides practical support to team leads in delivering their businesses. Participants engage with remit mapping through a practical example.

Possible indirect benefits:   

  • Help team communications - within the team and with those around it.
  • A good teaming exercise in itself.
  • Can help teams stand back and recognise the decisions they need to make, recognise support they need to get, etc.
  • Can help team leads and members in P4G conversations - what they team does: clarity, sense of purpose, common understanding etc.

Who should attend?         

Front line team leads. They do not have to have done Agile’s training before.  

Learning outcomes:

This training will help participants:

  • Understand the concepts underpinning remit mapping
      o The mastery, autonomy and purpose that underpin successful teams and positive working environments
      o What ‘remit’ is in principle
      o The forces that shape remit over time
      o What the exploration of remit can enable
  • Plan and structure remit mapping sessions 
  • Place the use of remit mapping in a broader planning/strategy context - how remit mapping can be leveraged in different ways

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Remit Mapping