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Hook Head Peninsula Fieldtrip

Hook Head Peninsula Fieldtrip

On October 22nd Prof Peter Haughton and Dr Kara English accompanied 3rd year Earth Science students to the famous Hook Head Peninsula in Wexford, to visit an outstanding and world class example of a transgressive sequence from the Devonian to the Carboniferous as part of the Sedimentary Environments module.

This field course is an integral part of the GEOL30040 module for 3rd level undergraduate students in Geology. The course uses sea cliffs and foreshore exposures to examine the sedimentary record of a range of Cambrian and Devonian to Carboniferous palaeo-environments. It provides an opportunity for students to collect sedimentary logs, working in pairs. 

Students on the shore at Hook Head looking at an example of example of a transgressive sequence

Students on rock shore under Hook Head lighthouse Wexford