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Software Agreement with Baker Hughes

Software agreement with Baker Hughes for in situ stress study

Knowledge of subsurface tectonic stresses has many geoscience applications, including in the fields of groundwater, minerals, deep geothermal energy, carbon capture & storage (CCS), induced seismicity risk, civil and mining engineering, and petroleum geoscience. Understanding the present-day in-situ stresses allows us to assess which fault and fracture systems are more likely to be critically-stressed and seismically active today and hence have a major control on fluid flow in the subsurface. Systematic mapping of all available present-day in-situ stress data will provide a valuable geoscience database for any future work relating to subsurface fluid flow in Ireland.

As part of a new research project led by the School of Earth Sciences in UCD and Stellar Geoscience Limited to compile and assess all available in situ stress data for onshore and offshore Ireland, we are delighted to announce that we have just been provided with two (2) licences of the following suite of programs by Baker Hughes Reservoir Software BV for a period of 3 years: JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling, JewelSuite™ GeoMechanics, JewelSuite™ 4D Geomechanics Modules, GMI Caliper™, GMI Imager™, GMI MohrFracs™, GMI SFIB™. The package includes a range of geomechanical software applications that facilitate the assessment of subsurface formation stresses using digital well data. Further details on the services provided by Baker Hughes can be found here: (opens in a new window)https://www.bakerhughes.com/oilfield-services-digital. We thank Baker Hughes for their generosity and we look forward to using their software in our future research.

For further information or expressions of interest in further research collaboration, please contact Dr Joe English (Adjunct Professor) at (opens in a new window)joseph.english@ucd.ie.

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