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Neoma MC-ICP-MS delivery

NCIG new Thermo Scientific Neoma MC-ICP-MS

The National Centre for Isotope Geochemistry (NCIG) in the School of Earth Sciences took delivery of a new Thermo Scientific Neoma MC-ICP-MS instrument in late December 2022.  The new instrument is a high-resolution double-focusing mass-spectrometer equipped with gas-colllision technology to circumvent isobaric interferences on several isotopes of interest and it will facilitate in-situ Rb/Sr dating of high Rb minerals by laser ablation, in addition to a host of other measurements in the Si, S, Ca, K and Fe systems. The new instrument complements the existing Thermo Scientific Neptune, Triton and iCAP instruments in NCIG at UCD.  It will be installed alongside the existing NCIG instruments in a new custom-built clean laboratory suite in mid-2023 as part of UCD's ongoing Phase 3 Science district redevelopment.  

More information on NCIG can be found here.