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Supporting UCD's Global Partnerships

UCD Global oversees the development and overall management of the University’s global university partnerships, providing guidance and support to University staff on developing these partnerships and enhancing existing partnerships in line with the University’s Global Engagement Strategy 2024. This support is facilitated through the UCD Global Partnerships Team.


Academic Freedom

UCD is dedicated to protecting free expression and fostering an environment in which all members of our community can explore, research and debate. Academic freedom should be addressed in the initial stages of all international partnership negotiations with the aim of promoting the tradition and ethos of academic freedom as articulated in the UCD Statement of Academic Freedom. The full statement is available to review on the University Secretariat website. 


UCD Global also follows the University’s commitment to Equality Diversity and Inclusion. Further information on EDI is available here. All UCD agreements are reviewed and endorsed by UCD Legal.

Contact Global Partnerships

As Ireland’s Global University, UCD seeks to develop and support partnerships with other institutions, governments and research agencies around the world. It does so in support of its Global Engagement Strategy and to underpin the fundamentally collaborative nature of the university’s core missions in teaching and learning, and research and discovery. UCD Global plays a key role in supporting UCD’s global relations and partnerships, working collaboratively with the University’s senior management, Colleges and Schools to develop strategic international relationships and networks for the long term.

The UCD Global partnerships team supports the development of bilateral and multilateral partnerships, securing external funding where possible. For a list of our current university partners, please search our directory here.

Please email if you are interested in exploring a global partnership.