Exchange Coordinator

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UCD Exchange Coordinator

An Exchange Coordinator is a member of faculty or professional staff within a School who assists and advises students interested in or undertaking an exchange. They are primarily responsible for overseeing the academic progress of incoming and outgoing Exchange students, providing pastoral care as required. They are also responsible for overseeing global engagement activities at School level, coordinating with the School Manager and working towards delivery of strategic initiatives and day-to-day administration for the College Vice Principal International. In particular, they are responsible for managing the Erasmus agreements attached to their School. They shall be appointed by a School Executive/Head of School, and report to the Head of School on exchange partnerships/activity attached to their School.

The Exchange Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Working with the UCD Exchanges Team to guide and inform students in selecting a suitable exchange option;
  • Reviewing and approving recommendations made by UCD Global for outgoing students nominations and providing feedback where requested
  • Acting as an academic and pastoral point of contact for incoming and outgoing Erasmus students throughout the year;
  • Tracking academic performance and student satisfaction with Erasmus partner experience to support the partnership review process;
  • Using the Erasmus Dashboard to review and authorise Erasmus Online Learning Agreements for both incoming and outgoing students, as requested;
  • Setting remediation for UCD students who come acceptably close to, but do not attain, the required number of credits if partners can not offer remediation/substitution;
  • Approving study programmes for students selected for an exchange outside of Europe via the Course Approval Form.

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