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Rowan: The UCD Global Partnerships Database

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Online Management of Strategic Partners

Rowan, UCD's Global Partnership Database integrates information from across UCD to provide a directory of strategic partners and an integrated profile for each. UCD staff can search for any university for information on our current engagement. There are country and college reports available. Rowan is hosted on infohub here. Please email for access, training and more information.

Three of the key benefits are:

  • Integrated data to help identify potential new partners and enable focus on existing UCD relationships.
  • Automation of the processes in the partnership area to enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Better analytics to support strategic decisions in line with Global Engagement Strategy. 

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As Ireland’s Global University, UCD seeks to develop and support partnerships with other institutions, governments and research agencies around the world. It does so in support of its Global Engagement Strategy and to underpin the fundamentally collaborative nature of the university’s core missions in teaching and learning, and research and discovery. UCD Global plays a key role in supporting UCD’s global relations and partnerships, working collaboratively with the University’s senior management, Colleges and Schools to develop strategic international relationships and networks for the long term.

The UCD Global partnerships team supports the development of bilateral and multilateral partnerships, securing external funding where possible. For a list of our current university partners, please search our directory here.

Please email if you are interested in exploring a global partnership.