College of Social Sciences and Law

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College of Social Sciences and Law

Please check out your school website for more detailed information:
For further information please contact: Gosia Wojnicka 



  • Australia, Australian National University

  • Australia, University of Melbourne

  • Australia, University of New South Wales

  • Australia, University of Queensland

  • Australia, University of Western Australia

  • New Zealand, University of Auckland

  • New Zealand, University of Otago

  • Chile, PUC Chile (Spanish needed, U21 funding available)
  • Mexico, Tec de Monterrey (U21 funding available) 
  • Uruguay, Universidad de Montevideo (Spanish needed)
  • Canada, McGill University

  • Canada, Queen's University Kingston

  • Canada, Simon Fraser University

  • Canada, University of British Columbia

  • Canada, University of Toronto

  • Canada, University of Montreal (French speaking) 
  • Canada, Concordia University (Irish Studies only)
  • China, University of Nottingham Ningbo

  • China, Tianjin University
  • Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (U21 funding available)

  • Japan, Keio University

  • Japan, Kyoto University

  • Japan, University of Tokyo

  • Japan, Waseda University (U21 funding available)

  • Korea, Korea University (U21 funding available)

  • Korea, Seoul National University

  • Singapore, Nanyang Technological University

  • Singapore, National University of Singapore (U21 funding available)

  • USA, American University

  • USA, Boston College

  • USA, George Washington University 
  • USA, Purdue University

  • USA, San José State University

  • USA, University of California

  • USA, University of Colorado at Boulder

  • USA, University of Connecticut

  • USA, University of Maryland

  • USA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • USA, University of Miami

  • USA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • USA, University of Richmond

  • USA, University of Tampa
  • USA, University of Texas at Austin

  • USA, University of Vermont

  • USA, University of Virginia

  • USA, University of Washington