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Canadian Student Loan Program

Students of UCD who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for loans funded by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Student Loan Program. The Canadian Student Loan Program provides loans and grants to eligible full and part-time students with demonstrated financial need with the exception of students who are residents of Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. These provinces and territories have their own student financial assistance programs.

Application forms are available through your provincial or territorial student financial assistance office. After you have completed and signed all the necessary documents, these can be forwarded to your provincial or territorial student financial assistance office.

For further information please visit the Canadian Student Aid website.

If you need any loan forms signed (i.e., enrolment verification, programme information forms etc.) please contact

When sending our office forms for completion please provide as much information as possible. This is especially important if for any reason you have non standard term dates that you would like entered onto the forms.

Tax forms, such as TL11-AE forms, are completed by the UCD Fees Office. Please fill in this form to request a tax form from the Fees Office.

Other Sources of Funding

Many of the larger banks in Canada offer lines of credit to study outside of Canada. Please ask your bank if they have an educational line of credit. UCD Global can provide documentation of student status to a bank in Canada upon request from the student.

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