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North American Taxes

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Filing North American Taxes

Canadian Taxes

If you are a Canadian student and need to request a TL11A-18E Tax form, please submit a request with the UCD Student Desk through this form

U.S. Taxes

If you are filing taxes for the United States of America, please email Include the following in your email:

  • Name
  • Student number
  • The calendar year(s) you would like a form for.

Please note: UCD cannot issue a 1098-T form because:

  • UCD does not have a Federal Tax Identification number (TIN/EIN)
  • UCD is not a US tax-payer (US corporation tax)
  • UCD is not a US tax-deducter (US employee income tax)
  • UCD does not have a genuine SSN (Social Security Number)

Instead, UCD Global issues students with an ad hoc form which contains the same information as a 1098-T form.

Neither UCD nor any of its employees can provide advice on filing U.S. taxes. If you intend to file taxes electronically or by mail, we strongly advise that you consult a U.S. tax professional. If you are a U.S. citizen filing taxes from within Ireland, please consult the U.S. Embassy’s official website for a list of resources you can access.