Una Europa for Academics & Researchers

Una Europa for Academics & Researchers

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Una Europa for UCD academics & researchers

Guided by the 2030 Strategy, Una Europa is working to create a truly inter-university and pan-European campus, shaped by universities’ obligations to society.

UCD academics and researchers can take advantage of the Una Europa alliance to:

  • Find collaborators in your field, and beyond, through interdisciplinary match-making events and networking opportunities.
  • Share your expertise via mobility fellowships.
  • Gain access to funded opportunities.
  • Take advantage of doctoral training and summer/winter schools as a doctoral researcher.

How to get involved 

Current opportunities 

  • The Una Europa Seed Funding Call 2024 closes on 28 June. The Call invites early-career researchers of any discipline to apply for funding to kick-start long-term collaboration between alliance partner universities. Find out more
  • A number of Summer Schools targeting PhDs and researchers from various disciplines will open for application in spring 2024. Check out the Events & Opportunities section for more details. 

Focus areas

Una Europa has six Focus Areas – each one is led by an academic Self-Steering Committee:

  1. Cultural Heritage
  2. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Future Materials
  4. Europe and the World
  5. One Health
  6. Sustainability

Una Europa’s Focus Areas gather researchers from diverse disciplines to foster academic collaboration and jointly design innovative educational formats. The Self-Steering Committees are interdisciplinary hubs that drive the alliance’s progress across education, research and societal impact.

Connect with academics and researchers across the Una Europa alliance via the Self-Steering Committees. Details of UCD Committee members are in the table below.

Focus Area  Self-Steering Committee members

Cultural Heritage

As an interdisciplinary research area, Cultural Heritage contributes to understanding identities and promoting cohesion in communities disrupted by change and economic instability.

Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

Emily Mark-Fitzgerald

Barry Molloy

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Una Europa seeks to ensure that all Europeans are part of the digital transformation, that adequate resources are devoted to AI and that the European Union’s fundamental values and fundamental rights are at the forefront of the AI landscape.

Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

Patricia Maguire

Brian Mac Namee

Andreas Hoepner

Future Materials

Una Europa will contribute to the development of future materials by enhancing teaching and research capabilities through multidisciplinary collaboration and facilitating open access to highly specialised equipment available across our partner universities.

Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

Brian Rodriguez

Fiona Freeman

Jufan Zhang

Europe and the World

Europe and the World explores the international role of the European Union across a number of thematic areas. These themes reflect rising tensions around the globe, a pressing need for renewed cooperation with state and non-state actors, and the demand for a comparative perspective in order to obtain a better understanding and learn to cope with diversity.

Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

William Mulligan

Ben Tonra

Imelda Maher

One Health

One Health is a recent global movement that promotes networked, ecological thinking about health. It recognises that the health of humans, animals, other organisms and the environment are inextricably intertwined within each other.


Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

Thilo Kroll

Gerardine Doyle

Jack Lambert


Una Europa’s guiding principle towards Sustainability is a Whole Institution Approach and a holistic view of sustainable development according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as proclaimed in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Members of the Self-Steering Committee at UCD:

Enda Murphy

Aifric O'Sullivan

Lisa Ryan



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