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Presenting in the Dragon’s Den – Barry Brophy meets Bobby Kerr

Monday, 22 August, 2016

Technical Communications lecturer Barry Brophy guested on Newstalk’s Down to Business to discuss the good and bad of pitch presentations with Bobby Kerr. The importance of designing an audience-centred, rather than a presenter-centred, communication was among the topics discussed.

Among the topics discussed were the use of stories in presentations, having simple clear images over slides full of text, turning the presentation into a conversation by interacting with your audience, and allowing your personality and sense of humour to shine through so long as it serves the presentation aims directly. 

Ireland’s leading business show, Newstalk’s Down to Business, frequently does features on the transferable skills necessary to succeed in business. This ties in with the Technical Communication courses now being offered in UCD which tackle the challenge of presenting specialist knowledge to non-specialist audiences. These courses are open to students from across UCD. This mix of disciplines greatly benefits the discussions in-class and group assignments.

For more information, email: (opens in a new window)barry.brophy@ucd.ie

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