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Developing partnerships between researchers and PPI partners


Developing effective working relationships take time. Relationships between researchers and PPI contributors are no exception. The relationship building should begin at the pre-commencement stage of research. This stage includes the time before a research project starts and before funding is being applied for. It takes time to learn how to work together, to effectively communicate, and to build trust. 

While every research project is unique, we encourage researchers to consider the set of questions below when preparing and planning their engagement with potential PPI partners.

Questions to ask yourself

Where to find people interested in your research

Go into the community. Go to where the people you want to engage are rather than expecting them to come to you.

Attend existing events associated with people with lived experience of your research. Even if these events are not about research, it can be a good way to start to understand the community more and meet people. 

Look to existing community groups, local and national organisations, and your own private and personal networks. However, be mindful that many voluntary and not-for-profit organisations may not have resources or capacity to assist you with PPI. 

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