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You can find a selection of recent videos below to help you learn, promote and foster public and patient involvement in research. 

Did you know PPI Ignite Network @ UCD has a YouTube channel? You can find a more extensive selection of recordings and videos about a range of PPI topics. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date. 

Disability, Agency, and PPI in Research

Listen to a panel discussion with Jacqui Browne, James Cawley and Stacey Grealis about Agency, Disability and PPI.

Moderated by Dr. Emma Dorris with an introduction by Prof Thilo Kroll.

PPI Ignite Network @ UCD works towards an environment underpinned by the principles Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) across all our activities. To help understand how we can implement the principles of EDI in our work, we have organised a seminar series, called Voice & Agency 4 All. This series is organised in collaboration with the national office of the PPI Ignite Network. This webinar is first in the series and focuses on disability. 

In this video you will hear from disability advocates and PPI contributors about what we mean by voice and agency, and what lessons we put into practice to improve diversity for PPI in Research.

Evaluation and evidencing impact for PPI

How do we assess, evaluate or measure the impact of PPI?

This video is a recording of a joint seminar series between the PPI Ignite Network offices at RCSI and UCD. This was part of a seminar series focusing on PPI in lab-based and preclinical research. The first presentation in this seminar is by Dr. Emmy Racine (PPI Ignite Network @ UCC) on evaluation and impact of PPI in research generally. 

The second presentation in the video is Dr Emma Dorris (UCD) and discusses the co-creation of a tool for evaluation of PPI in preclinical research. Although designed for preclinical research, this evaluation tool can be used for all PPI in research.

This is followed by reflections on the presentations by Ciarán McCarthy. The entire session is moderated by Dr Michelle Flood, site lead of PPI Ignite Network @ RCSI.

Also see our section on PPI evaluation.

Practical Guide to Public & Patient Involvement for Researchers

This video outlines some of the practical resources available to help researchers embed PPI in their research.

This includes:

  • Resources available at UCD
  • IPPOSI PPI Resources
  • The DCU Shared Learning Group for PPI with children and young people
  • Health Research Charities Ireland PPI Resources
  • The University of Limerick's PPI Summer School
  • EUPATI's EUPATI Patient Engagement Guidance and Training

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