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Public & Patient Involvement 

PPI is a research practice that involves public(s) and patients in decision-making, prioritising, planning, conducting and communicating research with the overall goal of improving research relevance and impact for society.

When starting out on your PPI journey, we recommend you read our introductory guide to engaged research. Engage Your Research introduces you to how, where and why to engage the public in your research.

What is PPI and Why Should Researchers Do It?

Listen to Prof Thilo Kroll explain what PPI is, and why it is important for research

The PPI Ignite Network

Listen to Prof Orla Feely on why UCD supports PPI, what the PPI Ignite Network is, and what PPI Ignite Network @ UCD aims to acheive.

This audio is taken from the launch of the PPI Ignite Network @ UCD held in December 2021.

PPI and Public Engagement: What's the difference?

Researchers often this question and can be confused about the difference between PPI and Public Engagement. Watch Dr Emma Dorris explain.  

Public engagement is a spectrum of activities which includes PPI. PPI involves a two-way dialogue and shared decision making in the relationship. 

Building Relationships

Building relationships with your public or patient PPI contributors is central to PPI, but how can you do this when you are new to PPI? Listen to Prof Thilo Kroll offer insight into how to build relationships for PPI

Contact PPI Ignite Network @ UCD

UCD Research, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 4009 | E: ppi@ucd.ie | Location Map(opens in a new window)