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Music and Math Cognition Laboratory

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The UCD Music and Math Cognition Lab examines through behavioural, experimental and neuroscience approaches, the factors that impact maths learning, e.g., home learning environment, maths anxiety and developmental dyscalculia. Moreover, the Lab is focused on Music Science, including affective and cognitive aspects related to music listening and music playing, for instance, the anxiety of music performance or the effect of music on cognition. The Lab welcomes undergraduate and graduate researchers at all levels for projects in educational neuroscience. So far, we have received international exchange researchers from United States, Germany, Spain and Brazil.

Lab Director:

(opens in a new window)Dr. Flavia Santos is a neuroscientist, Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Psychology. Within the School of Psychology, she is a member of the Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience team. Dr Santos is also a Research Fellow at the Geary Institute of Public Policy and serves as the Chair-Elected of the MCLS, Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society. Recognised as a Rising Star by the UCD Institute for Discovery, she has been interviewed by (opens in a new window)Cambridge Mathematics and actively promotes gender equality in STEM fields. Dr Santos is the principal investigator of two groundbreaking research projects in the field of numerical cognition:

  • The (opens in a new window)ENIGMA Project (Educational Neuroscience in Games for Mathematics) is the lab's flagship research funded by the European Commission, Erasmus Plus. It is an international collaborative work between University College Dublin and HeadStart in Malta.
  • The (opens in a new window)Arithmós Project is a partnership between University College Dublin and Technological University Dublin funded by the Irish Research Council.

Lab Members:

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