Reaching Out on Reading Week

You’re now half way through the first trimester and it’s the perfect time to catch your breath and have a think about how things are going for you so far.  

Reading week gives you some space to: 

  • Catch up on your readings
  • Get a headstart on any assignments
  • Get familiar with the many academic and non-academic supports that are available in UCD


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It’s the perfect time to go along to a workshop on essay writing: 

‘Perfect your essay writing, and get some practical tips for writing in University’   

This short workshop will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 26th October, 2pm-2.45pm. 

Reading Week Postcard


An assignment planner can assist you to keep up to date with your submission dates in one place, the various assignments you have due. Download: Assignment Planner by Trimester
Listing your study goals together is also a great way not to forget anything and get submissions in on time.
A good old fashioned wall planner can also be very helpful for your studies.  Putting pen to paper and creating a visual, and displaying it where you can see it, ensures you won’t forget important dates.
During Reading Week, and throughout each trimester, the Maths Support Centre (MSC) is open Monday to Thursday 10am-8.30pm and 10am-1pm on Friday. 
This is an excellent time to revise the first half of the trimester as visits to the MSC tend to decrease and with 43 hours of service (120 tutor hours) and 25 tutors you will be guaranteed tutor attention. 
See their video which gives a "behind the scenes" look at how the Maths Support Centre works. 

There is no need to make an appointment, just call by with your query and they are happy to help.


Writing Centre

Reading Week (and any time after) is a good time to visit the Writing Centre, when the chaos of submitting mid-term assignments is over!  You are welcome at the Writing Centre at any stage of your writing process, whether you have an assignment question and do not know how to start or plan your assignment, or if you have finished your draft and would like the Writing Centre to check if you are on the right track.  You may have received a mid-term grade back that you would like some clarification on.  For example, if you were told to be 'more critical' and you’re not sure how to go about this, the Writing Centre can help you.  You may have been told that your writing is 'unclear', 'vague' or 'badly structured', the Writing Centre can give you some tools to achieve clarity and structure.
You can book your appointment online here: Writing Centre Online Booking Form.  If the appointment slots are fully booked, just drop by as they take walk-ins also. 
If you are interested in some workshops, for example, 'Exam Prep for Essay Style Questions', please visit the Writing Centre website for this and more: UCD Writing Centre website

Student Adviser

If you are experiencing personal difficulties there are many people that can help you so please do not feel that you are alone.  A good starting point is to meet with your Student Adviser, Kieran Moloney or Holly Dignam.  Kieran and Holly's offices are located just across from the Social Sciences Desk.  Kieran is located in A109 and Holly is in A110, Newman Building.  You can make an appointment to see Kieran or Holly by emailing or calling: / 01 716 8366, / 01 176 8349.

Clubs and Societies

Reading Week is a good time to get in touch with any clubs or societies you may have joined during Freshers’ Week or have been meaning to join.  There may be events running during Week 8 that you would enjoy.  
You can find information on Sports Clubs here and other Clubs and Societies here.
Reading Week is a good time to check-in with your peer mentor and the other students in your group.  Your peer mentor can answer a lot of the questions you may have, and offer good advice on things such as where to go, how to fit it all in and how and when to join clubs and societies.
If you would like assistance getting in touch with your peer mentor please contact: / 01 716 8248.

The weeks between Orientation and Reading Week are spent getting to know the University, your subjects, your classmates, finding information about your assignments, lectures and tutorials.  During Reading Week you may have a little more time to step back and reflect on your first few weeks in University.  It can be an opportunity to catch up if you are behind on readings and for you to get on top of your assignments.  It is a time for you to assess how the first half of trimester has gone, and to make the most of the supports that are on campus to prepare you for end of trimester.  University supports are available for you to utilise during Reading Week, and throughout your journey at UCD so try to make the most of them!

  • Student Advisers
  • Student Counselling
  • Chaplaincy
  • Peer Mentors (for stage 1 students)
  • Writing Centre 
  • Maths Support Centre
  • Access and Lifelong Learning

 Reading Week