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UCD SBFE Assoc Prof Aoife Gowen featured in "Women on Walls" Campaign

UCD SBFE Assoc Prof Aoife Gowen featured in "Women on Walls" Campaign

"Women on Walls" is a campaign developed by Accenture in association with the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) with the aim of increasing the visibility of female academic leaders in Ireland. In 2016 they commissioned a series of portraits featuring the first four female members of the RIA and a group portrait featuring eight contemporary female Irish scientists. The eight scientists are recent recipients of the European research council starting grant and include Aoife Gowen, an Associate Professor at the School of Biosystems and Food Engineering. Each scientist was painted holding an object related to their work - Aoife holds a rainbow, representing her work in hyperspectral imaging. UCD Professors Emma Teeling and Debra Laefer also feature in the painting, created by Irish artist Blaise Smith. The portraits, unveiled in December 2016, are the first paintings depicting women to be displayed in the 230 year history of the Royal Irish Academy. A documentary featuring Assoc. Prof. Gowen and the other seven leading researchers will feature in "Women on Walls", Thursday, 10.15pm on RTÉ One.

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