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UCD - The Right Path for You!

Most undergraduate degrees in Ireland are four years in length, while some have an option to be completed in three years with early specialization via Direct Entry. Whichever option best fits you, your UCD degree will be internationally recognized wherever you choose to utilize it!

Students from the United States can apply to study at UCD either directly to the university or via the Common App.

Direct Entry (3 or 4 years): come in with your “declared” degree and dive into more streamlined material right away, cutting back on “general education requirements.”

  • Best fit for students who know exactly what they would like to study and want to get started.
  • Three year bachelor’s degrees are available in areas like Arts, Business, Social Science, and Sport & Performance.
  • Science, Law, and Agriculture, Food & Nutrition are always four year bachelor’s degrees.
  • Engineering and Architecture are offered as either a 4 year Bachelors course or a 5 year, integrated 3+2 bachelor and master programme

Liberal Arts & Science Entry (4 years): more similar to the American approach, come in with an intended degree, undecided or with multiple academic interests. This approach allows you to sample across Architecture, Agriculture, Arts, Business, Engineering, Science and Social Science in the first few years before affirming your best fit degree and still graduating in four years!

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Brochure
  • Due to a highly regimented curriculum, some programmes (including Law) are not able to participate in the Liberal Arts & Sciences degree path.
  • The programme applied to on your UCD application will be Liberal Arts & Sciences for this option regardless of where your chief academic interest(s) may be.

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