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Cyber Analyst # 016253

Cyber Analyst

Position Summary

Since 2006, UCD Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation (UCD CCI) has provided technical, operational and strategic support to a range of national and international stakeholder groups in the financial services sector; national government, and the global law enforcement community. The role of the Cyber Analyst will be to deliver expertise across all support areas which will necessitate a high level of competency in the following domains:


The post holder should possess a high level of technical knowledge relevant to areas where cybercrime and cybersecurity are likely to be key challenges. For example, they will need to have a strong working knowledge of digital forensics; internet investigations; network investigations and programming for investigators. Their fundamental technical knowledge should be complemented by deeper expertise in a specific knowledge area/s, such as malware analysis, communications/enterprise network architecture and investigations, software engineering, incident response, open-source intelligence gathering etc.


The post holder will be expected to contribute to, and participate in, live and simulated cyber operations. Working with external stakeholder groups, they will be expected to develop and deliver cyber exercises as staff development opportunities, and to also participate in national and international exercises designed to test resilience and emergency response procedures in attacks against critical national infrastructures. They will also be expected to participate in live operations coordinated by security stakeholders, with the objective of assisting in the dismantling and attributing of online criminal activity. The post holder will be expected to have a good understanding of the operational environment, and an appreciation of the role of the non-law enforcement participant in live operations, particularly with regard to law, data protection and confidentiality.


The post holder will need a solid understanding of the interactions, relationships and networks between stakeholder sectors. They will be required to analyse investigative, operational and research outputs to produce coherent and cohesive reports that will feed into and inform government cyber-policy and will support the financial services sector in delivering effective cyber strategies for business. They will also work closely with European LEA’s on research into cyber threats, delivering effective solutions and concrete results in the shape of best practice recommendations, software, hardware and training programmes.

Competition closes: 8th August 2023

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