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UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 # 015316

UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 

Position Summary

This EU Horizon project, CONFIDENTIAL-6G, is emphasizing on privacy preservation and security of sensitive data focusing on protection of data in use, in transit, and processed or stored at the edge. CONFIDENTIAL-6Gs’ 3 pillars of post-quantum cryptography, confidential computing, and confidential communication are the areas envisaged to ensure reliability, trust, and resilience for the emerging 6G infrastructure. Thus, Blockchain and federated AI/ML subjects are integral elements within the CONFIDENTIAL6G umbrella. The main intention behind this project is to design a Proof-of-Sense (PoS) and Proof-of-Chosen (PoC) consensus algorithms for the applications of Blockchain that enable the emerging 6G technology. The key technologies/ concepts associated with this study are 6G, Blockchain, New Radio (NR) spectrum sharing/management, Zero-Knowledge-Proof (ZKP), Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), HackRF, Federated Learning (FL), AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Smart Contracts (SCs). The findings and outcomes of CONFIDENTIAL-6G associated to both social and technical aspects will raise the standard and readiness to launch 6G technologies with the required trust within Europe.

This is a research focused role, where you will conduct a specified programme of research supported by research training and development under the supervision and direction of the Principal Investigator.

The primary purpose of the role is to further develop your research skills and competences, including the processes of publication in peer-reviewed academic publications, the development of funding proposals, the mentorship of graduate students along with the opportunity to develop your skills in research led teaching.

In addition to the Principal Duties and Responsibilities listed below, the successful candidate will also carry out the following duties specific to this project:

1. Design a PoS consensus algorithm for assure the trust in spectrum sensing.

2. Design a PoC platform that offer immutable, decentralized storage mechanism that serves as a validation construct for training data employed for FL/ML applications of 6G.

3. Propose a method to integrate designed PoS and PoC constructs into a holistic solution. 4. Prototyping the developed Blockchain and RF models adaptable for real-world deploying.

5. Organising and managing deliverables within UCD team and among other partners in CONFIDENTIAL-6G consortium to ensure high-quality on-time submissions.

Competition closes:  23rd November 2022

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