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Promoting and Accelerating early-stage startups in Ireland and Europe

About AgTechUCD

AgTechUCD promotes and accelerates early-stage startups in Ireland and Europe in the #AgTech #FoodTech #VetTech and #BioAgTech sectors, by supporting the #Startups as they build their innovative businesses into leading enterprises. AgTechUCD delivers a suite of programmes and tailored support for startups, including:

  • Innovation Days - corporate open innovation challenges, generating solutions for the AgTech Industry.
  • Incubator - helping new startups with innovative ideas to build out their business models
  • Pre-Accelerator - helping startups to get customer and investor-ready.
  • Accelerator - helping startups to scale globally, secure investment and revenue growth.

Based at the UCD Lyons Farm, AgTechUCD provides start-ups with access to on-farm experimental facilities, allowing testing and trialling of products and services in a real-world environment.  Startups will also have preferred access to UCD food processing facilities, access to Venture Capital & Business Angels networks, mentoring, corporates' partners, office and lab spaces, and much more.

‘AgTechUCD accelerating the development of the AgTech innovation ecosystem in Ireland and beyond’

Programmes & Activities

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