Technologies to License

Technologies to License

University College Dublin has a portfolio of opportunities available for licensing by industry. These opportunities are listed under the following sectoral areas:

  • Agriculture and Food

[pdf title="Novel Feed Supplement to Improve Gut Health in Weaning Piglets" url="/innovation/filebank/Novel_Feed_Supplement_Piglets.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-green"]

[pdf title="Novel Fungal Disease Resistance Genes for Crops" url="/innovation/filebank/Fusarium_Head_Blight.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-green"]

  • Energy and Environment

[pdf title="Blocking Gas Hydrate Crystallisation in Hydrocarbon Pipelines with Peptides" url="/innovation/filebank/Peptide_Gas_Blockage.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-blue"]

[pdf title="Nanobubble Generator" url="/innovation/filebank/Nanobubble_Generator.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-blue"]

[pdf title="Solving Hydrogen Storage and Transport Challenge" url="/innovation/filebank/Hydrogen_Gas_Storage.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-blue"]

  • ICT

[pdf title="Data Cleaning for Predictive Machine Learning Systems" url="/innovation/filebank/Data_Outlier.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-red"]

[pdf title="New Broadband Integrated Gallium Nitride Power Amplifier" url="/innovation/filebank/GaN_Power_Amplifier_0420.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-red"]

[pdf title="Handalysis - Kinematic Data Processing" url="/innovation/filebank/Handalysis.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-red"]

[pdf title="iDTX – An Interpolative Digital Transmitter" url="/innovation/filebank/iDTX_Capsule.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-red"]

[pdf title="RIoT - A Low Power RF Receiver for IoT Applications" url="/innovation/filebank/RiOT_Capsule.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-red"]

  • Life Sciences & Veterinary Medicine

[pdf title="A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Gastrointestinal Disease" url="/innovation/filebank/sanaPerOx_Capsule.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-purple"]

[pdf title="Development of a First Vaccine for Melioidosis" url="/innovation/filebank/Melioidosis_Vaccine.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-purple"]

[pdf title="Development of a New Lung Perfusion Solution" url="/innovation/filebank/Lung_Perfusion_Capsule.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-purple"]

[pdf title="Novel Method for Diagnosing Canine Lymphoma" url="/innovation/filebank/Canine_Lymphoma_Capsule.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-purple"]

  • Physical Sciences

[pdf title="3D Printed Reactor" url="/innovation/filebank/3D_Printed_Reactors.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Catalytic System to Enable Safe Hydrogen Generation" url="/innovation/filebank/Safe_Hydrogen_Generation_0420.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="District Information Model Server" url="/innovation/filebank/DIM_Server.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Intelligent Network Tool to Evaluate Frequency Regulation in Electrical Grid" url="/innovation/filebank/Network_Tool_Electrical_Grid_0420.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Large Scale Carbon Nanotube Sheets" url="/innovation/filebank/Carbon_Nanotube_Sheets_0420.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Large Scale Hydrogen Generation Using Unpurified Water" url="/innovation/filebank/Hydrogen_Generation_Unpurified_Water_0420.pdf" size="0.4MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Nanoparticle Clusters for Advanced MRI Imaging" url="/innovation/filebank/Advanced_MRI_Imaging.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Recovering Phosphorus from Waste" url="/innovation/filebank/Phosphorus_from_Waste.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-teal"]

[pdf title="Synthesis of Natural Form of Vitamin E" url="/innovation/filebank/Vitamin_E.pdf" size="0.3MB" color="tile-teal"]

Knowledge Transfer Team

The members of the UCD Knowledge Transfer team which is based at NovaUCD are:

Dr Ciaran O’Beirne

Manager, Knowledge Transfer 
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Dr Stephen Donoghue

Case Manager, Knowledge Transfer, Environment
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Dr Stacey Kelly

Case Manager, Knowledge Transfer, Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Science
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Dr Hugh Hayden

Case Manager, Knowledge Transfer, Physical Sciences and Engineering
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Dr Ena Walsh

Life Sciences
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Dr Tony Donnelly

Case Manager, Knowledge Transfer, ICT
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License Now

UCD also has a number of opportunities that are available for licensing on a non-exclusive basis for a relatively small one-time payment via one page, non-negotiable licence agreement.   Please contact a member of the Technology Transfer team to discuss.