UCD's Research, Innovation & Impact Strategy

UCD Strategy for Research, Innovation and Impact (2015-2020)

University College Dublin is strongly committed to excellence in research and innovation and to delivering impact locally, nationally and globally.

Within the University we are building on an outstanding base of scholarship within all our disciplines, and in the interdisciplinary spaces that develop from them.  From this, we deliver knowledge and ideas that inform policy, support enterprise, deliver innovation, and enrich culture and society.

Professor Andrew Deeks, UCD President, launched the UCD Strategy 2015-2020 in November 2014.  This document sets out ten key objectives which will shape planning at all levels of the University and will allow us to measure progress towards the achievement of the University’s vision.

In October 2015 UCD Research and Innovation published its strategy for the period 2015-2020. For each of the ten University objectives, this strategy describes how our activities in research, innovation and impact will contribute to the achievement of each objective, and identifies the key associated actions.

 UCD Research Innovation StrategyPDF | 6mb