Proteomics International and Atturos to Target Next Generation Diagnostics in Europe

Dr David Corr, CEO, Atturos

Proteomics International and Atturos to Target Next Generation Diagnostics in Europe

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (Proteomics International; ASX: PIQ), an Australian medical technology company and Atturos, an Irish clinical diagnostics company, have joined forces to develop novel diagnostic tests for the European region.

Atturos, a University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out company, was founded to commercialise the OCProDx test, a pioneering blood test that can determine whether diagnosed prostate cancer is confined to the prostate. Atturos is headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at the University.

Proteomics International has recently completed licensing deals for its lead diagnostic product PromarkerD – the world leading predictive test that gives up to 4 years advance warning of diabetic kidney disease – in the USA and Mexico.

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see them expand the use of mass spectrometry for new diagnostic tests. Both PromarkerD and OCProDx were developed using similar mass spectrometry technology platforms, with Europe a key commercial target for each test.

The World Health Organisation estimates the European region is home to 60 million diabetics, with 10.3% of men and 9.6% of women over 25 suffering from the condition. The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in the region, due mostly to increased weight, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity.

In the Western world about one in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and in Europe, prostate cancer is the most common cancer for males with over 440,000 men newly diagnosed in 2015 (World Health Organisation).  It is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men and globally the current annual incidence of prostate cancer is 1.2 million new cases per year. Around 98% percent of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer survive more than five-years after diagnosis and as a consequence millions of men are living with prostate cancer.

Dr Richard Lipscombe Managing Director, Proteomics International said, “Atturos’ key technical and market knowledge aligned well with Proteomics International’s strategy to increase its global footprint and develop new tests using the PromarkerTM  technology platform. We’re delighted to enter into this agreement with Atturos to work together to deliver next generation diagnostics in the European region.”

Dr David Corr, CEO, Atturos, said, "The increasing use of proteomics in precision medicine is incredibly exciting and will have a massive impact on patient care and well-being.  We believe by partnering with Proteomics International in this way, these critically important tools for physicians and patients will be delivered to where they are needed sooner.”


19 September 2018

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Editors Notes

Proteomics International (Perth, Western Australia) is a wholly owned subsidiary and trading name of PILL (ASX: PIQ), a medical technology company at the forefront of predictive diagnostics and bio- analytical services. The company specialises in the area of proteomics – the industrial scale study of the structure  and  function  of  proteins.  It received  the  world’s  first  ISO  17025  laboratory accreditation for proteomics services, and operates from state-of-the-art facilities located on Perth's QEII Medical Campus.

Proteomics International's business model is centred on the commercialisation of the company's world-leading test for diabetic kidney disease, PromarkerD, whilst using its proprietary PromarkerTM technology platform to create a pipeline of novel diagnostic tests, and offset the cash burn from R&D and product development through provision of specialist analytical services.

Atturos  Ltd  (Dublin,  Ireland)  is  a  privately  funded  company  developing  and  commercialising advanced diagnostics solutions to enable clinicians and patients make better healthcare decisions.