Broadcasting Sociology

Studio microphone beside text 'broadcasting sociology'


Through an experiential learning framework undergraduate students at the School of Sociology at University College Dublin sociologically engaged with Covid-19 and became familiar with tools for interviewing, recording, script writing, editing and communicating sociology to others. Students were split up in small groups and produced high-quality podcasts, videos, animations on sociological topics. Students conducted relevant background research, took on different roles in their teams (e.g. producer, speaker, interviewer, researcher, editor), came up with a plan for their podcast, video, animation, pitched their plans to others, evaluated the plans and outlines of other teams and ultimately produced a podcast, video, animation. Emphasis is on students engaging with societally relevant topics from a sociological perspective and creatively producing a non-traditional group project, which is interesting for the broader public.

Check out all of the videos and podcasts on the dedicated Broadcasting Sociology webpage.