Elderly (non)migrants’ narratives of home: A comparative study of place-making in Ireland and Slovakia (EMNaH)

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UCD School of Sociology's Assistant Prof Mastoureh Fathi has been awarded €12,829 from the Irish Research Council (IRC) for a project entitled Elderly (non)Migrants’ narratives of home: a comparative study of place-making in Ireland and Slovakia.

Migrant home-making is vital for integration and sense of belonging to host countries. Most studies conducted about migrant home-making have focused on experiences of migrants. EMNaH takes a novel approach to include a group of participants, 65+ year-old (non)migrant female/male whose experiences have been greatly neglected within the literature on home and place-making and current integration policies. EMNaH aims to provide an understanding into how demographic and geographic changes in neighbourhoods and cities are experienced and narrated by older people. Employing mapping and photo-elicited interviews in two carehomes in Ireland and Slovakia, the project will develop new theories and methodologies.

Congtratulations to Mastoureh Fathi on securing this funding.