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AE class visit to car manufacturing factory in Xi'an

Monday, 13 May, 2024


On Wed 8 May, the 4th-year students of the Automotive Engineering programme supervised by UCD teachers Dr Muhammad Sajid and Dr Xuehui Wang embarked on an enriching educational journey to the Geely Car Manufacturing Factory located in Xi'an, China. The visit aimed to provide students with firsthand insight into the automotive manufacturing processes and the cutting-edge technologies employed by one of China's leading automakers.

Factory Visit 1
Overview of Geely Company

The visit commenced with a comprehensive introduction to the history and achievements of the Geely Company. Students were briefed on Geely's humble beginnings, its rapid expansion into the global automotive market, and its commitment to innovation and sustainability in vehicle manufacturing.

Factory Visit 2

Automated Manufacturing

One of the highlights of the visit was the observation of Geely's automated manufacturing processes, including laser welding technology. Students witnessed the intricate choreography of robotic arms and assembly line machinery as they seamlessly pieced together various components to form the chassis, body, and interior of Geely vehicles. The utilization of laser welding technology was particularly emphasized, showcasing its precision and efficiency in joining metal components with minimal heat distortion and high repeatability. This firsthand experience offered valuable insights into the advanced manufacturing techniques employed by Geely to enhance production efficiency and product quality. 
Visit Factory 3

Factory Visit 4

Vehicle Testing

Following the manufacturing segment, students were guided to Geely's vehicle testing facilities. Here, they had the opportunity to witness the rigorous testing protocols employed to ensure the roadworthiness and performance of Geely vehicles. From electric and hybrid SUVs to conventional models, students observed a range of vehicles undergoing comprehensive tests, including emissions testing, suspension and handling tests, and overall performance evaluations.

Factory Visit 5

Interactive Sessions

Throughout the visit, students were encouraged to engage in interactive discussions with Geely engineers and technicians. They had the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification on technical aspects of vehicle manufacturing, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.


The visit to the Geely Car Manufacturing Factory provided the 4th-year Automotive Engineering students with a wealth of knowledge and practical understanding of the automotive manufacturing process. Key learnings included:
1.    Appreciation for the advanced technologies and automation systems utilized in modern automotive production, including laser welding technology.
2.    Understanding of the importance of rigorous testing and quality control measures in ensuring the roadworthiness and reliability of vehicles.
3.    Insight into the role of sustainability and environmental considerations in contemporary automotive manufacturing practices.
4.    Exposure to real-world applications of theoretical concepts learned in the classroom, enhancing overall academic learning and professional development.


The Class Visit to the Geely Car Manufacturing Factory in Xi'an, China, was an invaluable educational experience for the 4th-year students of the Automotive Engineering Program. By witnessing firsthand the intricacies of automotive manufacturing and testing processes, students gained practical insights that will undoubtedly enrich their academic studies and future careers in the automotive industry. We extend our gratitude to Geely for their hospitality and for providing this exceptional learning opportunity.

Factory Visit 6

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