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Dr Luke Kelleher on barriers, drivers and potential for innovation

Thursday, 11 January, 2024

Regulation of the bioeconomy: Barriers, drivers and potential for innovation in the case of Ireland is an article written by CDIC lecturer and Programme Director Luke Kelleher. Along with his colleagues Anne Pender and Eoin O'Neill is looking into identifying how regulation may be acting as a barrier and / or driver of the bioeconomy in Ireland. 
The authors examine four main problems: the need for financial help like feed-in tariffs, more flexible rules for using waste, closing the gap between rules and new ideas, and sorting out planning issues. On the positive side, they also found two things that help the bioeconomy grow, like using more flexible and creative approaches in rules. But there are challenges, like getting the public involved and giving policymakers the resources to make good rules for the bioeconomy.

The full text can be found (opens in a new window)here and more on policies (opens in a new window)here.

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