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Meet the CATs!

Meet the CATs!

F(x) ^CAT Society Introduction

CDIC is distinguished for the international cooperation of education between China and Ireland, we are students of Chang’an University and University College Dublin. Corresponding to our strengths, we built this special society. We wish to promote the Irish culture to all the students through various activities and enhance the multicultural atmosphere. Also, we aim to help students with English studies and promote international communication. Our society was born in May 2022, after the pandemic, under the witness of the Irish ambassador Ann Derwin and the school president Aimin Sha, our society was officially and honorably unveiled on 21st Feb, 2023.

We named our society, F(x) CAT, the function is used to echo CDIC’s scientific attribute. At the same time, the letter F represents many fair connotations that we want to achieve, such as we are family, we have a bright future, we focus on what we do, we are fearless, we are always forward and we want to make our society and college to the first-class level. We, students, are the independent variable X, our college is the function, the carrier that supports us to fly higher and higher. Finally, the three letters, CAT, are actually the initials of the CDIC’s three majors that all the society members are from.

Our society mascot is this cute kitten in the trencher cap, which was designed by our tutor Ms. Zhang. The Irish element was embedded in it to signalize our society’s special parts such as the Irish clover on the forehead and the F and X patterns by the ears.

These three posters represent the three majors separately. In Civil Engineering, the kitten is behind the HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, figuring out the mystery of roads and bridges.

For Automotive Engineering, the kitten focuses on the latest automotive drive technology.

In the third one, for Transport City Planning and Environmental Policy, the kitten is in the center of the city transport.

There are three departments in our society.

  • The Studying Abroad Planning Department is the most distinctive one. In order to help our college students to learn more about studying further, we are mainly in charge of collecting and spreading the foreign universities’ information. We regularly publish detailed application tutorials on our channel, and we are also compiling the manuals of prospective foreign universities from different countries and areas.
  • The Activity Organization Department is responsible for planning and preparing various activities to arouse students’ interest in English studies and strengthen the friendship with each other. We have activities such as English corner, topic seminar, sharing session, and singing competition. They brought us so much more joy in our college life.
  • The New Media Department is responsible for online publicity. Previously, they filmed graduate interviews and international teachers' Q&A. Through the press advertisement, video shooting, and public website operation, students could be acknowledged of the college activities and information in time.

The three branches of F(x) ^CAT have clear task assignments, but we are still a big family that works together and cares for one another.

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