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Design 2 Bridge Design Competition

Friday, 17 November, 2023

Bridges are representative buildings of transportation facilities with complex design factors and cultural value. Recently, Design 2 held the Bridge Design Competition in CDIC. This year 20 teams participated in the competition. The participants voted for the Best Design Award, and according to the load-bearing capacity of the bridge, three teams won the first, second and third prizes respectively. This module was delivered by Dr Jufan Zhang (UCD), Dr Dean Meng and Dr Jingguo Qu.

Students Competing

Representatives of 20 groups and Module Coordinators

First, all participants voted for the Best Design Award from the perspective of uniqueness, innovation and foresight, and finally the work of "Pillar A" group won the Best Design Award.

Pillar A

Best Design Award - Pillar A

Then, based on the same bridge supporter, bearing weight was gradually increased until the bridges failed to assess the maximum bearing load of each bridge.

Students competing

Competition in progress

Finally, Group 6-Pillar A, Group 1-The Niubility Bridge and Group 15-VIVO 50 Bridge won the first, second and third prizes with 68kg, 38.65kg and 33.05kg carrying load respectively.


First prize — Pillar A Group

Second Prize Students

Second prize — The Niubility Bridge Group

Third Prize Students

Third prize — VIVO 50 Bridge Group

The Bridge Design Competition has strongly stimulated the design passion of students and has been warmly welcomed and recognized by students of previous years. This year, the bearing weight of the first prize works created a new record. Through such a way, the students deepened their understating on design knowledge and practiced their skills in teamwork.

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