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Programme Structures


The following provides a brief outline of what the University expects from you while you are enrolled as a student and equally what you might expect of the University:

 Our expectations of you:

  • Attendance at seminars
  • Good time management
  • Follow programme schedule as timetabled
  • Adherence to the University's rules and codes of conduct
  • Abide by examinations regulations and procedures
  • Read around your subject areas and source readings recommended by your lecturers
  • Engage in class activities and discussions

 What you can expect from the university:

  • First class support and service
  • Quality lecturers and course materials
  • Provision of study materials for each module

Attendance at Class and Preparation for Class

Am I expected to attend all my classes?

  1. Students are required to register and pursue a programme of study in order to qualify for admission to any examination for a degree, diploma or other award of the University. It is compulsory for students to attend all classes.  Where grades have been allocated for in-class work, these grades will be lost if a course member does not attend.
  2. Project management skills
  3. Organisational management and leadership skills
  4. Research and Planning skills
  5. A working knowledge of geographical information systems
  6. Transport, Planning and Design skills
  7. Problem solving and decision-making skills
  8. Communication skills - written, oral, graphic, and multi-media communication

Will I be required to prepare any reading in advance of the classes?

From time to time, a lecturer may assign pre-class reading.  Where this arises, it is essential that these readings are reviewed in-depth by you and your classmates in advance of the classes.  A lecturer may also set a pre-course assignment.  Full details of this will be provided in your study guide or will be communicated to you, via email, in advance.

Am I permitted to audio or video record my classes?

Video recording of classes is not permitted.  However, if you wish to audio record your classes, you must seek the permission of the module co-ordinator in advance.  Audio recording of classes without advance permission is not allowed.

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