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Tuesday, 14 November, 2023

By Junliang Feng, stage 4 Automotive Engineering student

In order to help students majoring in Automotive Engineering (AE) programme and to help them with a better plan for their future development, CDIC Students' Union and CDIC Technology Innovation Association jointly held an experience-sharing and faculty-student networking session. The goal was to enhance students' understanding of the programme as well as recommend domestic and foreign graduate institutions.

This session mainly contained of three thematic presentations, which were: the experience sharing of recommendation for domestic graduate institutions by Junliang Feng (stage 4, AE student), the experience sharing of application to foreign institutions by Haowei Zhang (stage 4, AE student) and the introduction of master programmes and research opportunities in the UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering by Prof. Jufan Zhang.

Student presenting

In the first presentation, Junliang Feng introduced the programme of recommending for domestic graduate institutions and encouraged students to work hard to complete their in-class modules and actively participate in various extracurricular innovative projects. Combined with the international vision of CDIC, Junliang Feng also pointed out that the cultivation mode of the AE programme at CDIC has considerable breadth and multidisciplinary intersection, which will lay a solid foundation for the future development of students in multiple directions. In addition, he encouraged students to create self-driven attitude, to keep working hard, and to continue to fight for their own dreams.

Haowei Zhang, in the second presentation, shared his experience in applying to foreign institutions. He emphasised that apart from undergraduate GPA, language scores and academic background are important for applying to study abroad and he encouraged students to participate in international exchange programmes. Haowei Zhang recommended many famous universities in different countries and highlighted the advantages and strong academic disciplines of UCD, which broadened the students' horizons and increased their experience for applying to foreign institutions.

Student presenting

After the presentations the students attending the session were asking questions about relative developing options, scientific research, daily study and other aspects.

Student asking questions

During the third session, Prof. Jufan Zhang introduced the master programmes offered in the UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, the research performed by the faculty at SMME, the employment and career development of Mechanical Engineering graduates, along with scholarship opportunities. Combining his own research and working experience at UCD, Prof. Jufan Zhang encouraged students to actively participate in research projects and carry forward the spirit of facing challenges.

Dr Jufan Zhang

After the session many students took the initiative to approach the three speakers for more in-depth conversations. The success of this session is of great significance, which has been positively responded among the students and helped them to better plan their future.

Students after the session

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