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Early First-Year PhD Student Leads Review Paper in Prominent Food Science and Technology Journal

Monday, 22 April, 2024

A review paper unveiling recent advancements in food process analysis through terahertz spectral imaging has been published in Trends in Food Science & Technology ((opens in a new window)Volume 147, May 2024, 104463). Co-authored by Ying Fu, Yuqiao Ren, and Da-Wen Sun, the paper presents an exhaustive review of the utilization of THz time-domain spectral imaging (THz-TDS) for real-time analysis across various facets of food manufacturing and preservation processes, spanning fermentation, dehydration, freezing, storage, and other specialized areas. This publication fills a crucial void in the application of THz spectroscopy for the dynamic assessment of food manufacturing and preservation processes. The paper is freely accessible via the following link: (opens in a new window)https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tifs.2024.104463.

Ying Fu, an early first-year PhD student enrolled at UCD since September 2023, and Yuqiao Ren, in the final year of their PhD studies at UCD, collaborated under the supervision of Professor Da-Wen Sun. Both students are fully funded by the UCD-CSC Scholarship Scheme, a joint initiative between University College Dublin and the China Scholarship Council, an entity affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China. This scholarship scheme encompasses living stipends and associated expenses, while UCD extends funding to cover tuition fees. Currently, more than 10 PhD students, supported by the UCD-CSC Scholarship Scheme, are pursuing their doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Da-Wen Sun.

(opens in a new window)Trends in Food Science & Technology stands as a premier journal in the realm of food science and technology, holding the distinguished rank of second among 142 food science and technology journals indexed by the Web of Science, boasting an impressive latest impact factor of 15.3.

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